India's Robot Epic Is Dancing In Peru As You Read This

Were you let down by Love Story 2050 »9/09/08 1:31pm9/09/08 1:31pm? Don't give up on Indian science fiction yet - the lavish production is finally starting filming, after a year of . Now known as , the movie is starting filming in the U.S. and Peru, and it's released its first image (which admittedly reminds us a bit of Woody Allen's .) The best…

The Top 5 Special Effects Sequences From Bollywood's Time Travel Movie

The transformation of Mumbai into a super-futuristic metropolis, modeled on Shanghai, is just one of the awesome special effects coups in Love Story 2050, the Bollywood time-travel movie that comes out July 4. Director Harry Bajewa listed the top 5 greatest SFX sequences in the movie in an interview with Star Box… »6/24/08 4:22pm6/24/08 4:22pm

Upcoming Events In Lost And Battlestar Are Guaranteed To Piss You Off

Sigourney Weaver's character in James Cameron's new movie Avatar is based on the most unlikely source possible. And that's not the only movie that has some surprises in store: the Greatest American Hero remake will take some weird liberties with the source material. And Dragonball may commit the ultimate sacrilege.… »4/16/08 9:00am4/16/08 9:00am