Blair Witch Project writer/director's new film takes exploitation to the next level

After making the genre-changing Blair Witch Project for a tiny budget, filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez spent over a decade recovering. He worked on a string of unsuccessful movies, but now he's trying for a comeback with his first feature in a while, Lovely Molly. Like Blair, this indie horror flick incorporates found… »5/24/12 12:38pm5/24/12 12:38pm


Which Underdog Movie Could Be This Summer's Sleeper Hit?

Every summer, there's at least one smaller movie that breaks out of the pack. A film that's not based on a huge comic book or toy franchise, with a budget under $100 million. Even though summer is supposed to belong to the big superhero and toy movies, there's always at least one upstart that surprises everybody. A … »5/04/12 4:40pm5/04/12 4:40pm

A Horror Movie that Knows the Scariest Thing is Losing Your Mind

There have been a lot of horror movies that have probed the line between madness and the supernatural lately — but Lovely Molly, coming out in limited release on May 18, might be the most interesting of the bunch. It's a look at a blue-collar protagonist who moves back into a house that raises all sorts of issues —… »5/02/12 8:00pm5/02/12 8:00pm

33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer

This year's summer movies just won't let up. There's Joss Whedon's Avengers, Chris Nolan's third Batman film, and Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to space horror. Plus maybe a dozen other movies that look like they could be totally fantastic. Here's our complete list of 32 movies coming out between now and… »4/23/12 5:13pm4/23/12 5:13pm

Peeta transforms into an insufferable high school hipster heart throb in the new Detention trailer

We've got a seriously amazing collection of indies and shorts in this Sunday's Cult Movie Worship. Check out the latest trailer for Joseph Kahn's frenetic movie equivalent of a turducken, Detention, and see if you can point out every single movie cliché stuffed inside the next. Plus, we've got zombie-killing babies,… »4/01/12 7:30pm4/01/12 7:30pm