Lucy Tells the Greatest Superhero Origin Story Ever

Set five minutes into the future, Lucy is about the birth of a new kind of superhero. With Scarlett Johansson playing our eponymous ninja with mental superpowers, there's a lot of fantastic action here. But sadly, the movie makes some major mistakes, too. » 7/25/14 12:10pm 7/25/14 12:10pm

Scarlett Johansson Shoots Everyone In The Brutal First Clip From Lucy

Once Scarlett Johansson gets her drug-induced superpowers in Luc Besson's upcoming action film Lucy, she wastes no time putting bullets through anyone who stands between her and her freedom. See just how violent things get in this clip. » 7/09/14 12:15pm 7/09/14 12:15pm

Scarlett Johansson Is A Superpowered Genius In The First Lucy Trailer

We've been waiting to see Scarlett Johansson gain superpowers and go on an ass-kicking spree in Luc Besson's Lucy. Now the first trailer is here and it looks like the visual spectacle we've been hoping for. » 4/02/14 10:16am 4/02/14 10:16am

Scarlett Johansson Becomes Superpowered And Kills Everyone, In Lucy

Forget a Black Widow movie — Luc Besson just has made a totally insane ass kicking spectacle called Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson as an all powerful superhero. We've seen a few minutes of footage, and so far, so good. » 3/25/14 3:46pm 3/25/14 3:46pm

Astoundingly Beautiful Concept Art from The Fifth Element

A number of brilliant artists contributed their unique vision to The Fifth Element, including Gaultier and Moebius. But one of the main influences on the film was Jean-Claude Mezieres, the comics artist whose time-travel comic director Luc Besson is adapting. Check out some of Mezieres' original Fifth Element » 3/05/14 3:11pm 3/05/14 3:11pm

Last night's Nikita was one of the best hours of TV I've seen in ages

How do you follow up one of the weirdest cliffhangers in television history? With an episode chock full of jaw-dropping moments and one terrible shock. They could have called this "The Last Temptation of Nikita." This show is going out on an amazing high note. » 12/21/13 11:30am 12/21/13 11:30am

First look at Scarlett Johansson in Luc Besson's superhero movie Lucy

Here is your very first look at Luc Besson's completely batty new movie Lucy, in which Scarlett Johansson plays a drug mule who gains superpowers. » 10/23/13 3:00pm 10/23/13 3:00pm

Luc Besson still wants to make another Fifth Element

Fifth Element director Luc Besson doesn't exactly want to make a sequel to his famous space opera — but another film, in the same vein and with the same ideas. Which he would direct. » 9/12/13 5:18pm 9/12/13 5:18pm

Screw Indiana Jones, Adele Blanc-Sec is your kickass archaeologist now

Luc Besson directed The Professional, The Fifth Element, and more, so I have no idea why it's taken this long to get his newest film, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, released in the U.S. but here’s the other offerings accompanying mademoiselle! » 8/12/13 1:40pm 8/12/13 1:40pm

Morgan Freeman joins Luc Besson's "superpowered drug mule" movie Lucy

Morgan Freeman could be joining Scarlett Johansson, who's playing a drug mule who gains new superpowers in Luc Besson's ( The Fifth Element) new movie Lucy. » 6/18/13 4:48pm 6/18/13 4:48pm

Scarlett Johansson will gain superpowers in Luc Besson's Lucy

Scarlett Johansson has already enjoyed a heroic turn as the super-spy Black Widow, and now The Fifth Element writer and director Luc Besson wants her front and center in his own superpowered action movie, Lucy. » 4/27/13 11:00am 4/27/13 11:00am

How a Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroach Could Save Your Life

Proving once again that this is Luc Besson's world, and we're just living in it, the world has moved one step closer to the Fifth Element. That's right, remote-controlled cockroaches. The iBionicS Lab at North Carolina State recently presented a paper at the IEEE describing a robotics system for controlling a… » 9/14/12 1:40pm 9/14/12 1:40pm

Luc Besson adapting classic time-travel comic created by Fifth Element

Will Luc Besson finally make another movie in the inimitable style of The Fifth Element? People have been wondering for years — and if the Besson-produced Lockout didn't scratch your itch, then there's cause to hope. Besson is set to write and direct an English-language adaptation of Valerian, a comic about a hero who… » 7/01/12 10:00am 7/01/12 10:00am

New Lockout stills show off the sexy side of the "space prison" movie

Could there be more to Luc Besson's Lockout than just Escape from New York in space? We've got an exclusive look at three new photos from the movie which hint at just how much fun this movie could really be. » 3/12/12 3:18pm 3/12/12 3:18pm

New trailer for Luc Besson's Lockout is basically the entire movie in 2…

So why exactly does Guy Pearce have to go a prison in space and rescue the president's daughter from a prison riot, in the Luc Besson-produced Lockout? This new U.S. trailer explains everything, including the fact that it's all some one-eyed Scottish bloke's fault. » 1/26/12 1:18pm 1/26/12 1:18pm

Watch Guy Pearce do his best Snake Plissken impersonation in Space…

MS One: Maximum Security — previously titled Lockout — feels like the love child of Die Hard and Escape from New York. In this behind the scenes footage, watch as main character Guy Pearce has a hell of a time channeling both John McClane and Plissken. He's the new lovable rogue who's sure to win the day and the… » 1/13/12 9:45am 1/13/12 9:45am

New trailer shows Luc Besson's MS One desperately wants to be The Fifth…

Missing the cheesy, wise-cracking antihero action flicks of the 90s? Well, have we got a movie for you. Watch Guy Pearce channel his best Bruce Willis in this trailer for MS One: Maximum Security. When a maximum security SPACE PRISON riots, the only righteous person left is the wise-cracking cop with great arms and a… » 12/14/11 11:06am 12/14/11 11:06am

Christopher Nolan explains why his Dark Knight Rises villain Bane is…

Emma Stone breaks down Gwen Stacy, The Amazing Spider-Man's love interest. The gritty Paradise Lost movie hits a snag. Robert Kirkman promises more death on The Walking Dead. Plus Andy Serkis talks the next Planet of the Apes movie! » 12/14/11 6:00am 12/14/11 6:00am

Luc Besson's "Prison Break in Space" Movie: Like BSG on Speed!

Check out the first trailer for Lock-Out, the action movie which Luc Besson co-wrote and produced. Guy Pearce is a convict who has to go inside a maximum security prison — in space! — to rescue the president's daughter (the perrenially captured Maggie Grace). If he succeeds, he gets his freedom. I just love Pearce's… » 12/05/11 10:55am 12/05/11 10:55am

Luc Besson's next film is “The Fifth Element to the power of ten”

It's about time Luc Besson got back into the scifi business. The director is wagering that his next scifi project will be even bigger than his cult classic The Fifth Element. And we think we know what it is. » 10/14/10 10:01am 10/14/10 10:01am