Disney Takes Action Against A Possible Star Wars VII Leaker

There are so many things that purport to be pieces of concept art, plot details, information on the state of Luke Skywalker's possible cold, etc. on the Internet these days, it's actually shocking we haven't seen Disney step in more. Could this mean that this leaked image was the real deal? » 2/03/15 3:00am 2/03/15 3:00am

I honestly thought this Return of the Jedi scene was real all my life

I keep getting my dreams shattered. When I was a kid I thought the Rebel Alliance hangar could have been a real stage but it was just one of many matte paintings, an example of ILM's visual sorcery. But the scene of the Emperor coming to the Death Star? I was absolutely, 100-percent convinced that it was real. » 1/09/15 1:46pm 1/09/15 1:46pm

The First Trailer For LucasFilm's Strange Magic Isn't Strange Enough

We only first heard about Lucasfilm's new CG animated movie Strange Magic when it was announced a week and a half ago as a musical semi-remake of A Midsummer Night's Dream with pop songs. Now the first trailer is here, and unfortunately it looks like stuff we've seen many times before. » 11/21/14 10:55am 11/21/14 10:55am

Lucasfilm's Sidewalk Art Event made for some amazingly nerdy Chalk Art

Every year, ILM and other tenants at San Francisco's Letterman Digital Arts Center take part in a sidewalk Chalk Art contest - and this year's competition had some wonderful Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Disney inspired art. Take a look! » 9/24/14 2:30am 9/24/14 2:30am

J.J. Abrams Reveals Star Wars: Episode VII's Brand New X-Wing

The Episode VII director has released another video for Force for Change, the Lucasfilm-led charity organization, which is offering another chance to star in the new movie. But he's also made sure people pay attention by including the first look at the new design of Star Wars' iconic X-Wing, too. » 7/21/14 6:20am 7/21/14 6:20am

Chronicle's Josh Trank Is Your Newest Star Wars Movie Director

StarWars.com has just officially announced Josh Trank, director of Chronicle and currently hard at work on Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, has been officially hired to direct one of the stand-alone Star Wars movies. » 6/04/14 9:30am 6/04/14 9:30am

Patience, young padawan. The official release date for Star Wars: Episode VII was just announced, and it's December 18, 2015. That gives J.J. Abrams a bit more time, and gets the film out of the Avengers/Man of Steel 2/Jurassic Park/Terminator/everything else logjam. Of course, as Ursus-Veritas points out, this could… » 11/07/13 1:18pm 11/07/13 1:18pm

J.J. Abrams explains the Star Wars: Episode VII writer switcheroo

People have been wondering why J.J. Abrams took the Episode VII screenwriting duties from Toy Story 3's Michael Arndt. According to Abrams, there's no insidious conspiracy and Arndt wasn't doing a bad job (at least that they're admitting to) — it's all about the scheduling. » 11/07/13 11:40am 11/07/13 11:40am

We were getting Star Wars sequels even before Lucas sold it to Disney

Apparently Star Wars: Episode VII was not Disney's idea. According to his son Jett, George Lucas was outlining future installments to the Star Wars saga a full year before Lucasfilm was sold to Disney — and Jett had more sequel secrets to reveal, too. » 10/08/13 12:40pm 10/08/13 12:40pm

Is Seth Green's Star Wars comedy show stuck in limbo forever?

Remember Seth Green's animated Star Wars series Detours? Seth Green does. He gave an update on the show during his Reddit AMA yesterday, where he announced that 39 full episodes of the show are completely finished, along with many more scripts too — but they're all on hold. » 9/19/13 1:40pm 9/19/13 1:40pm

Holy bantha poodoo, Disney is making more Star Wars prequels

In what might be the most bombad idea of the year, a Disney executive has revealed that those Star Wars stand-alone movies that have been discussed will be prequels — specifically, origin stories, potentially focused on characters like Han Solo, Yoda, or that guy on Cloud City with the ice cream maker. » 9/13/13 8:40am 9/13/13 8:40am

Disney plans a brand new Star Wars movie EVERY SINGLE YEAR

When Disney first bought Lucasfilm, we heard that they aimed to put out a new Star Wars film every two to three years, which seemed like an ambitious schedule. But Disney just announced at CinemaCon that they're aiming much higher than that. » 4/17/13 4:46pm 4/17/13 4:46pm

Noooooooo! Lucasfilm is canceling Clone Wars without revealing Ahsoka's…

When Lucasfilm Animation announced earlier this month that it would be wrapping up Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the news was bittersweet. We've enjoyed the animated series, but it's had a good run, and we were anxious to learn what becomes of the characters in the wake of the emotional season finale. But now… » 3/23/13 6:00pm 3/23/13 6:00pm

There's no debate necessary — here's the person who should make the…

The Clone Wars are over… or they almost are. Disney has announced they’re ending the Clone Wars cartoon, and are beginning work on a new Star Wars cartoon set in a new timeframe. Whatever the end up picking, there’s only one man for the job of directing this thing: Genndy Tartakovsky. » 3/14/13 8:00am 3/14/13 8:00am

Goodbye, Captain Rex: Lucasfilm calls an end to Clone Wars

While a whole host of new Star Wars projects are appearing on the horizon, at least one piece of Star Wars media will be coming to a close. Lucasfilm Animation has just announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be wrapping up to make room for new projects, but not before addressing some of the series' biggest… » 3/11/13 11:40am 3/11/13 11:40am

Disney confirms it: J.J. Abrams is officially directing the next Star…

The ink is now dry on the contracts and it's official: J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars: Episode VII. After the flurry of unofficial reports, Disney has issued a press release confirming that Abrams is on board to direct the Michael Arndt-scripted Star Wars film. » 1/26/13 6:30am 1/26/13 6:30am

Holy @#$%, Zack Snyder Is Working on a "Star Wars Samurai" Movie…

Update: The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision reports a Snyder spokesman told them these are horrible lies, like Santa Claus or that Han shot first: "Snyder's spokesperson says: 'While he is super flattered because he is a huge fan, Zack is not involved in any way with the new Star Wars. He is currently in post on his… » 1/14/13 11:27am 1/14/13 11:27am

Archaeologist suing makers of Indiana Jones, claiming their Crystal…

Can a fantastical movie be too historically accurate? Dr. Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize, has filed suit against Lucasfilm and Paramount Pictures claiming that the prop skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull bears a striking resemblance to one of the "real" Crystal… » 12/09/12 5:00pm 12/09/12 5:00pm

Producer Rick McCallum did not survive the Lucasfilm-to-Disney buyout

Let me clarify: Rick McCallum, producer of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the original trilogy Special Editions and the three Star Wars prequels (and who I have always cruelly thought looked like Dr. Evazan from A New Hope) was not fired by Disney. Instead, LucasFilm master of merchandise Steve Sansweet merely… » 11/26/12 1:42pm 11/26/12 1:42pm