Why You Might See Turquoise In Next Week's Lunar Eclipse

Next week's lunar eclipse, visible on October 8th all over the U.S., should be quite a sight to see. But, when you step outside to see the moon turn that distinctive coppery-red shade, astronomers say there's another color you should also be looking for: Turquoise. » 10/01/14 11:51am 10/01/14 11:51am

What did last week's blood moon eclipse look like from the moon's perspective? University of Pennsylvania astronomy professor Mark Devlin explains what someone standing on the lunar surface would have seen while looking at Earth. » 4/23/14 4:00pm 4/23/14 4:00pm

How To Watch This Week's Total Lunar Eclipse

Late Monday night/early Tuesday morning will be an incredible time for skygazing. Not only is Mars bigger and brighter than it's been in more than six years, you'll also be able to witness the first total lunar eclipse of 2014. Here's how to watch. » 4/13/14 6:00pm 4/13/14 6:00pm

North Americans are about to experience a "tetrad" of lunar eclipses. Starting April 15th, the continent will be witness to a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals. This is a fairly rare phenomenon as eclipses tend occur about twice each year. » 3/28/14 6:00pm 3/28/14 6:00pm

Imagining the Earth through the eyes of China's Yutu rover

The Yutu rover is now scouring the lunar surface on a three-month mission to explore the dark lava plains of the Bay of Rainbows. The Chinese probe is also set to leave behind a powerful telescope. Here's what Yutu will see when it peers towards Earth — and what the eclipse of April 15th, 2014, might look like. » 12/20/13 7:20am 12/20/13 7:20am

A lunar eclipse leaps over the Acropolis

In this picture from June 15, photographer Elias Politis has condensed an entire 100-minute lunar eclipse over Athens, Greece into a single composite image. Also check out a haunting time-lapse video Politis captured from that evening's "Acropoclipse." » 6/26/11 3:30pm 6/26/11 3:30pm

Tonight will be the darkest night of the past 500 years

Thanks to a lunar eclipse on the longest night of the year, tonight we'll be experiencing the longest, darkest night in a very long time. It's been nearly 500 years since the last solstice lunar eclipse. Here's what you'll see. » 12/20/10 1:48pm 12/20/10 1:48pm