This Is How The Private Sector Will Put A Lander On The Moon

In an effort to win the $20 million Google Lunar X-Prize, Astrobotic and Masten have been busy at work developing a free-flying moon lander. Watch this video of the XOMBIE rocket as it uses an onboard hazard avoidance system to execute a perfect landing. » 4/04/14 8:00pm 4/04/14 8:00pm

Wow! NASA's free-flying Morpheus lander is really coming along

It wasn't too long ago that NASA's experimental robotic lunar lander was busy crashing and burning after liftoffs. Fast forward a few months and Morpheus has started to come into its own. Just watch what it can do now. » 2/14/14 4:00pm 2/14/14 4:00pm