This gorgeous video lets you fly across the moon's surface without leaving your armchair

It has been decades since humans last visited the moon, but this video, created by the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration from real photographic images, lets you imagine that you're flying over the moon's surface. So sit back, relax, and let the moon take over your monitor for a few minutes. »9/08/12 2:00pm9/08/12 2:00pm

The first entirely new globe of the Moon's surface in more than 40 years

I don't think I've ever been been this excited about a globe in my life. Don't get me wrong, globes are great, but according to the folks over at Sky & Telescope Magazine, we've just reached a major milestone for Moon globes — what they claim is the first major update to a physical lunar likeness in more than forty… »4/10/12 5:59pm4/10/12 5:59pm

Witness the Moon's breathtaking 4.5-billion-year evolution in less than three minutes

When we gaze up at the Moon, we expect a certain degree of consistency. Sure, it moves through its phases, shifting in and out of darkness over the course of the month, but generally speaking, the Moon's surface looks the same to us — night after night, year after year. But the Moon has not always looked the way it… »3/14/12 4:20pm3/14/12 4:20pm

Evidence of extraterrestrial life could be sitting on the Moon at this very moment

When you consider the utter vastness of space, it isn't hard to accept that, somewhere out there, extraterrestrial life probably exists. That being said, one can just as soon reason that the Universe is so immense, the odds of us actually finding evidence for the existence of alien organisms are probably pretty slim.… »12/28/11 10:00am12/28/11 10:00am