Does M. John Harrison have the most amazing vocabulary of any science fiction writer?

There are lots of reasons to love Light author M. John Harrison — but one of them is his great vocabulary, according to a post over at Ashville Ink-Slinger. Writer David Mayeux makes the case that "M. John Harrison has the richest vocabulary I think I've ever encountered in an author. His adjectives, especially, come… »9/05/12 3:47pm9/05/12 3:47pm


The Best Thing About Neil Gaiman's New Audiobook Imprint

Author Neil Gaiman is putting some of his cultural capital into creating a new boutique audiobook label through — and the best part of it is that he may be exposing fans of literary fiction to a few unappreciated science fiction gems. In particular, he's featuring A Dimension of Miracles by Robert… »11/28/11 6:40pm11/28/11 6:40pm

The Books That Stick With You Long After You Read Them

We're used to having snap judgments about books — especially if you're reviewing them, but even if you're just putting them aside and talking about them. But the best books often stick with you long after you've read them, and keep mutating in your consciousness months later, writes Graham Sleight in Locus Roundtable: »10/23/09 10:30am10/23/09 10:30am

One Author's List Of Quite Possibly Essential Science Fiction Includes William Gibson — And Event Horizon

Vinconium and Light author M. John Harrison posted a list of "some interesting science fiction" that's been causing lots of discussion — it's not framed as a list of essential SF reading, or the greatest SF books of all time, just books that "turned [Harrison] on when he read them." And yet, it looks like a pretty… »5/14/09 7:00pm5/14/09 7:00pm