Speed Racer Designer Explains Future City's "Carchitecture"

Owen Paterson designed the bleak cityscapes of the Matrix movies and V For Vendetta, and now he's creating the candy-colored neopolises of Speed Racer. Not to mention concept cars with wheels that can turn a full 180 degrees. We tracked him down in Sydney, Australia and asked him about the visual influences behind… » 4/03/08 2:15pm 4/03/08 2:15pm

Race Through A Day-Glo Hot Wheels Playset

People who have seen the trailer for the live-action version of Speed Racer say it looks more like a video game than a movie. But what's wrong with that? If you can make a film feel like the eyeball-blasting you get from a game these days, then the marketing department, the toy department, the sequel department, and… » 2/18/08 1:30pm 2/18/08 1:30pm

The Mach 5 Could Kick K.I.T.T.'s Ass

While folks are still reeling from the two-hour jolt of pain that was Knight Rider last night, you might as well start pinning your hopes on the upcoming Speed Racer movie if you want a quality story about a boy and his car. Although the Mach 5 is being upgraded with a lot of CGI elements, you'll have to pry that… » 2/18/08 11:00am 2/18/08 11:00am

Go! Go! To Detroit?

Finally, the crossover market between car-fetishists, anime fans and people who weren't sleeping by the end of The Matrix Revolutions will be served by Warner Bros bringing the Wachowski Brothers' movie version of Speed Racer's Mach-5 supercar to Detroit's North American International Auto Show at the end of the… » 1/10/08 6:40am 1/10/08 6:40am