Safe sex means not having sex with the Cat People

Pregnancy? STDs? Pshaw. The real danger of having intercourse is the possibility that the person you're having sex with might turn into a panther and kill you, as Paul Schrader's erotic 1982 remake of the 1942 horror classic Cat People reveals. Plus, the Machete, Leonard Nimoy, and the best Robocop ever, all in this… » 1/20/14 1:24pm 1/20/14 1:24pm

Okay, a Machete Kills Again in Space movie needs to happen

Here's the trailer that ran in front of Machete Kills when it premiered last month. Now, director Robert Rodriguez has already signed on to direct a third Machete movie, but whether it would actually be "In Space!" or something slightly more reasonable remains to be seen. I sincerely hope it's this, though. » 11/19/13 12:40pm 11/19/13 12:40pm

Robert Rodriguez's Machete is slicing its way to comics

The "Mexploitation" action flick — which sprang from one of Grindhouse's fake trailers — will get both a prequel comic and an ongoing series from IDW starting in September. Awesome. The only problem: They picked the wrong Grindhouse character. » 6/17/10 1:00pm 6/17/10 1:00pm

Machete Can't Cut Down Robert Rodriguez's Tribute To Blade Runner

Robert Rodgriguez was all set to direct his science fiction thriller, Nerverackers, this year, but the movie's unnamed star wasn't available. So he's directing Machete instead, but he still plans to make the future-crime epic. » 2/26/10 4:49pm 2/26/10 4:49pm