Chemical Reactions Shot in Ultra HD Look Like Alien Life

Chemical reactions are those magical moments when the matter that surrounds us suddenly bursts into life. A stunning new video collaboration between scientists and artists now showcases eight different types of these reactions in exquisite detail. » 10/06/14 12:00pm 10/06/14 12:00pm

Amazing close-up photos of snowflakes taken without a microscope

These are the best kinds of snowflakes: the kind that are under the lens of a camera and not piled up outside my door. A Russian photographer uses a set up he made himself to take these photos. See more below! » 12/08/13 1:00pm 12/08/13 1:00pm

Macro photos of coral take us to underwater alien worlds

Felix Salazar's macro photography of a coral reef offers a serene and colorful tour through an almost alien universe. Seen up close and in such brilliant colors, it's each to forget that these are creatures from our own planet. So head over to Salazar's website, scroll through the photos, and forget about Earth for a… » 1/20/13 11:00am 1/20/13 11:00am

Behold the jewel-like beauty of dew-covered insects photographed…

The iridescent eyes of the damselfly and the shimmering body of the wasp are magnified in Ondrej Pakan's macro photos, capturing the fragile moments when insects bodies are covered in refractive raindrops, transforming these ordinary bugs into jeweled works of art. » 3/11/12 11:00am 3/11/12 11:00am