The Detail In This Hummingbird Photograph Is Unreal

Scotland-based photographer Chris Morgan captured this remarkable macro shot of a hummingbird while visiting Bosque De Paz Nature Reserve in Costa Rica. In case you were wondering: Yes, that is Morgan's reflection in the hummingbird's eye. » 7/18/14 8:00pm 7/18/14 8:00pm

Stunning photographs transform a dewy spider web into a vast multiverse

Oleg Zhukov identifies as a "beginning photographer," but we doubt many people would think to use the word "beginner" when describing his work, especially after perusing his photostream. The Russian artist's macro photography is particularly arresting, thanks to a compelling combination of interesting subject matter… » 8/17/12 10:05am 8/17/12 10:05am

Technicolor ferrofluids are a magnetic acid trip

Oil, watercolors and nanoscale iron particles make for some of the most psychedelic imagery this side of an LSD trip — and we've got the hi-res macro photographs to prove it. » 6/29/12 4:00pm 6/29/12 4:00pm

Advertisments for scanning electron microscopes take you into the world…

Biological flying machine? Terrifying monster of the deep? Nope - this is just a scanning electron microscopy image of a Lamnacarus ornatus, or common mite. » 2/20/12 4:34pm 2/20/12 4:34pm

Some of the Most Gorgeous Macrophotography We've Seen in Ages

Whether he's photographing snowflakes, or the coiled shell of a snail, German photographer Matthias Lenke has a way of bringing out the details in his subjects — but he does an especially breathtaking job with insects. We think you'll agree. » 2/13/12 1:34pm 2/13/12 1:34pm

Can you identify the media used to create this art piece?

Back in November, we challenged you to guess the medium used to create these eye-catching images. Finnish artist Erno-Erik Raitanan had produced the series by cultivating bacteria samples on color negative film. » 1/04/12 12:07pm 1/04/12 12:07pm

Macrophotographs of insects are the most beautiful thing you've seen…

Are you a fan of embiggened bugs? Alex Wild — master of ceremonies over at Myrmecos — has just posted over 600 of his best photographs from 2011, and it is one of the most jaw-dropping collections of insect macrophotography we've ever seen. Click through to check it out — you won't be disappointed. » 12/30/11 12:30pm 12/30/11 12:30pm

The Eye-Popping Moment When Human Life Begins

This dazzling image looks like an orange sun blazing in an alien sky, but it's actually a micrograph of in-vitro fertilization, showing the moment at which the sperm penetrates the egg's membrane. It's just one of many award-winning science images. » 10/16/09 7:30am 10/16/09 7:30am

When (Microscopic) Blood Vessels Explode

The Wellcome Trust, a medical research charity, has just announced the winners of its 2008 imaging contest. Above is my favorite, a picture of a microscopic blood vessel that has ruptured. You can see single red blood cells slowly leaking out. This was taken by Anne Weston, with a scanning electron micrograph. She… » 3/27/08 4:00pm 3/27/08 4:00pm

When the Sea Withdraws, the Spawn of Cthulhu Find Shelter Here

No, we haven't obtained early concept art from the sequel to Cloverfield. This structure is the home of an actually-existing seaside dweller on Earth. What kind of creature builds such a facehugger-esque structure? » 3/03/08 7:00am 3/03/08 7:00am

Close-Up of Life (and Death) from Another World

No, this isn't the plant life you'll see on Jupiter when we get there. It's a tiny piece of decaying strawberry. It's the work of amateur macrophotographer Bill Hails, who spent a recent sleepy afternoon taking his high-magnification camera on a safari through the the micro-jungle. » 11/28/07 11:33am 11/28/07 11:33am