Stunning photographs transform a dewy spider web into a vast multiverse

Oleg Zhukov identifies as a "beginning photographer," but we doubt many people would think to use the word "beginner" when describing his work, especially after perusing his photostream. The Russian artist's macro photography is particularly arresting, thanks to a compelling combination of interesting subject matter… »8/17/12 1:05pm8/17/12 1:05pm

Macrophotographs of insects are the most beautiful thing you've seen all week

Are you a fan of embiggened bugs? Alex Wild — master of ceremonies over at Myrmecos — has just posted over 600 of his best photographs from 2011, and it is one of the most jaw-dropping collections of insect macrophotography we've ever seen. Click through to check it out — you won't be disappointed. »12/30/11 3:30pm12/30/11 3:30pm