China built a ridiculously science fictional museum in a city where…

Remember Ordos City, that ritzy urban planning project in the Gobi Desert where most people can't afford to live? Design firm MAD Architects recently completed the blob-like local museum. I repeat — the Chinese government commissioned a museum that looks sort of like a bashful Shai-Hulud in a chichi desert ghost town.… » 12/13/11 2:55pm 12/13/11 2:55pm

A Forest-Filled Jenga Tower Grows in China

This may look like an unfinished game of Jenga, but plans are in motion to build this oddly-shaped skyscraper to the city of Chongqing, China. If it doesn't leave residents fearing falling blocks, it could add greenery to the city. » 12/01/09 11:40am 12/01/09 11:40am