Meet The Pangolin, The World's Most-Trafficked Mammal

Call it a "scaly anteater," "nature's backhoe," a "walking pine cone," or "an artichoke on legs." Remark on its scale-covered body or its impressively long tongue. But you best get to know the pangolin, the world's most-trafficked mammal, before it goes extinct. » 2/10/15 3:20pm 2/10/15 3:20pm

Incredibly Rare And Mysterious Deep-Sea Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore 

There have been fewer than 100 confirmed sightings of the megamouth shark, an elusive deep-sea species that uses its huge maw to trap tiny bits of plankton and krill. So when a 15-foot specimen washed ashore in the Philippines this week, scientists were more than overjoyed. » 1/29/15 6:00pm 1/29/15 6:00pm

Absolutely Stunning Examples Of Lakes And Rivers With Unearthly Colors

When you see a bright red river or a lake that glows a vivid green color, you probably think it belongs on another planet. But these incredibly striking bodies of water are right here on Earth. Here are the most beautiful and alien-looking rivers and lakes, sporting bizarre colors. » 12/15/14 3:00pm 12/15/14 3:00pm

Can helium use the Colbert Bump to survive past 2020?

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert talked about helium and its surprising disappearance from the Earth. Despite being the second most abundant element in the universe, helium is quickly being depleted on Earth, and will soon be lost forever. » 7/28/11 1:32pm 7/28/11 1:32pm

Your morning bran muffin could power the nation

Sewage packs more of an energy punch than previously thought. The increase in potential energy could be enough to make sewage plants into energy plants. » 1/06/11 10:00am 1/06/11 10:00am

A dire warning on climate change from two Republicans (who aren't in…

The Republican party needs to wake up to the reality that we're causing global climate change before it's too late, warned two former GOP congressmen. » 11/21/10 8:00am 11/21/10 8:00am

2010 will be remembered as the year the Arctic Ocean became a trade…

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union built nuclear-powered ice-breakers, hoping to open a shipping route through the Arctic. They needn't have bothered — there's no ice left now in the summer, opening the fabled Northeast Passage to shipping. » 9/02/10 12:30pm 9/02/10 12:30pm

Waterworld star Kevin Costner will clean up the BP oil spill

Kevin Costner once boasted that he could have cleaned up the Exxon Valdez spill in a week. Now he'll get a chance to show what he can do — BP is buying his oil/water separation machines. [Inhabitat and WWL] » 6/11/10 2:54pm 6/11/10 2:54pm

Environmentalist Wants To Change The Name Of Our Planet To "Eaarth"

We've done so much damage to the planet, we can't call it "Earth" any more, says environmentalist Bill McKibben. We'll have to start calling our planet "Eaarth" instead. And we have to pronounce it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. » 4/26/10 9:30am 4/26/10 9:30am

Saving The Planet May Require Getting Rid Of Democracy For "A While"

Environmentalist, inventor and futurologist James Lovelock (who was the first person to detect CFCs in the atmosphere) says humans may not be smart enough to prevent global warming. And he adds that saving the planet might require putting democracy on hold: » 3/31/10 8:40am 3/31/10 8:40am

Planet Hulk's Mad Genius Has A Radical Solution To Global Warming

We loved Greg Pak's robot-themed anthology film Robot Stories, and now he's crafted a bizarre, clever short film set in our eco-apocalyptic near future. "Mister Green" is one of 11 movies about future America that you can watch for free. » 3/08/10 5:00pm 3/08/10 5:00pm

This Is What Kevin Costner Should Have Had In Waterworld

If the world really does get flooded like in Waterworld, energy supplies will be scarcer than ever. So we'll need this craft, the world's largest solar-powered boat, with 5,382 square feet of solar panels. » 2/25/10 12:13pm 2/25/10 12:13pm

Are We Falling Behind China In Weather-Control Technology?

Here's your first look at a ground-based cloud-seeding system. With drought hitting the Western United States hard, governments are pushing the federal government to spend $25 million on cloud-seeding technology. Meanwhile, China is already spending $100 million to make rain. » 12/10/09 4:30pm 12/10/09 4:30pm

Photographer Documents Melting Icecaps, Celebrates Our Cyborg Evolution

Photographer James Balog is best known for his death-defying trips to Iceland, Greenland and Alaska, where he's documented the melting icecaps using photos and time-lapse images. But he's also made stunning images of cyborgs and "techno sapiens." » 11/24/09 9:30am 11/24/09 9:30am

10 Ways To Rescue The Climate, According To Science Fiction

Hot enough for ya? Our crazy fossil-fuel orgy is driving the planet's temperatures through the roof. Good thing science fiction books and movies have come up with 10 can't-fail solutions (well, maybe they'd work) for stopping global warming. » 9/04/09 12:37pm 9/04/09 12:37pm

A Zero-Emissions Car That Runs on Fossil Fuel

In the next year, students at Georgia Tech will be driving cars that run on fossil fuels but don't release tons of carbon into the environment. It's all part of the university's long-term plan to develop vehicles that produce recyclable carbon. Eventually they hope to eliminate fossil fuel from the equation, but in… » 2/12/08 7:40am 2/12/08 7:40am