Genetic Testing Promises to Reveal Your Child's Sports Aptitude

For $149 dollars, Atlas Sports Genetics will test your child’s DNA and send you a report listing the sports where your child is likely to succeed. Some parents see it as a way to steer their child toward an activity that is a good match for their abilities. But psychologists and ethicists fear that assigning your… »12/01/08 5:20pm12/01/08 5:20pm

DNA Tests Reveal Who Was Having Sex with Neanderthals 40,000 Years Ago

Are modern humans the hybrid children of early humans and Neanderthals? For over a decade, scientists have wondered what exactly happened to the Neanderthals, low-tech hominids who populated Western Europe, when homo sapiens arrived on the scene from Africa and Asia with sophisticated weaponry and the rudiments of… »7/16/08 6:12pm7/16/08 6:12pm