The many meaning(s) of “Uh(m)”s

What does "Uh(m)" mean? Professional linguists from a selection of highly respected international academic institutions have pondered the question in detail over the years, but now a new paper goes considerably further towards consolidating the answer(s).

From Emanuel A. Schegloff, Professor Emeritus at the Department… » 9/25/10 7:45am 9/25/10 7:45am

Father Teaches his Son Klingon as a First Language

Some parents try to teach their infant children a foreign language, but d'Armond Speers took his son's linguistic education to a whole new level. Speers claims that he spoke to his son only in Klingon for the first three years of the boy's life. Not only did his son start parroting the alien language; Speers' interest… » 11/19/09 6:20am 11/19/09 6:20am

All the Best Alien Languages in One Place

If you're fascinated by alien languages and futuristic human slang, you're in luck. Eastern Michigan University, with the help of linguistics-loving scifi author Suzette Haden Elgin, has put together an exhaustive list of scifi novels that feature every flavor of strange, imaginary language. A couple of weeks ago we… » 3/24/08 8:40am 3/24/08 8:40am