Peter Kuper's Spy Vs. Spy Comics Are A Work Of Heart-Rending Brilliance

We've loved the Spy vs. Spy comics in Mad Magazine forever — but for the last 17+ years, they've been the work of comics superstar Peter Kuper. And Kuper's take on the two dueling spies is anarchic, and wonderful to behold. » 2/10/15 7:00pm 2/10/15 7:00pm

The Funniest Star Wars Tributes This Side Of The Galaxy

Tonight, The Big Bang Theory celebrates Star Wars Day with a Star Wars-themed episode. But can it begin to measure up to the wealth of funny Star Wars tributes in television, movies, and comics? » 5/01/14 1:07pm 5/01/14 1:07pm

The Avengers team up with Jake and Finn for Avenger Time

If the Avengers are Earth's mightiest heroes, and Adventure Time's Jake and Finn are the bravest adventurers of the post-apocalypse, what happens when they meet face to animated face? In this segment from Cartoon Network's Mad animated sketch show, the Avengers travel through their cartoon history until they're… » 2/05/12 7:30am 2/05/12 7:30am

The End of the World, Mad Magazine-style

Basil Wolverton is best known for his grotesquely comic illustrations in Mad Magazine, Timely and Marvel Comics. But he also produced some disturbing images of the apocalypse for evangelical preacher Herbert W. Armstrong. Are you read for the Mad apocalypse? » 1/26/11 8:00am 1/26/11 8:00am

What Me Na'vi? Mad Magazine Skewers Avatar

Legendary Mad magazine cartoonist and Groo The Wanderer creator Sergio Aragonés has set his sights on James Cameron's big blue blockbuster. Witness the true story behind Quaritch's facial scars and Jake Sully's misadventures in tree jumping. » 3/03/10 11:30am 3/03/10 11:30am