Why We Should Have Seen Betty Draper's Mad Men Fate From a Mile Away

On the penultimate episode of Mad Men, viewers were shocked by a Betty Draper curveball, that, as far as I can tell by trolling dozens of unhinged messages boards online, very few viewers saw coming. But, in retrospect, Matthew Weiner, brilliant former Sopranos scribe, Mad Men creator, and mild sadist had been giving… »5/15/15 5:33pm5/15/15 5:33pm


Will Jon Hamm Introduce Cigarettes and Booze to Gort?

Mad Men »10/30/08 11:00am10/30/08 11:00am's Don Draper is in the cast of ? Why is the studio not publicizing the hell out of this? Jon Hamm is a god among skinny hipster emo men. He's a man reclaiming manliness, and we've the first photos released of him in this Keanu-laden flick. Plus, we've got full frontal Gort in the new 5-minute trailer. Check…