Prosthetic Speech Implant Turns Your Thoughts to Words

Imagine waking up one morning and being unable to speak. Your mind still churns away, trying to form words, but no sounds will come out. It's like the bleak ending of Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream only, you know, real. This is a fact of life for many people with varying levels of paralysis, who… » 7/03/08 9:32am 7/03/08 9:32am

The "Trust Me" Drug That Makes You Take Social Risks

What if you could convince people to trust you and take risks for you with just a few drops of liquid surreptitiously placed in their water? There would be no drunkenness, no rufie-esque glazed eyes: just pure, human trust created via chemicals. The person wouldn't even know they'd been dosed. A study coming out… » 5/21/08 3:42pm 5/21/08 3:42pm

The Data Is In: Brain Implants Can Make You Happy

For over a decade researchers have been treating many different ailments, including depression, with electrodes lodged deep in the brain. Devices like this Soletra brain implant deliver electrical impulses to a targeted brain region, essentially creating artificial activity in an area that the brain won't activate on… » 4/29/08 11:34am 4/29/08 11:34am

You Would Be Happier If You Watched Football and Didn't Have Sex

Matthieu Ricard is famous not just because he works with the Dalai Lama, but because a group of neuroscientists have scanned his brain and proven that he's off-the-charts happy. In fact, he's the happiest guy ever to stick his head in an MRI brain scanner, or to wear a zillion EEG sensors on his head (pictured). A… » 4/22/08 11:27am 4/22/08 11:27am

Manipulating a Single Protein in Your Brain Creates "Autistic Savants"

Some autistics are known as "autistic savants" because they develop a genius in one subject, such as mathematics or art. New research shows this syndrome can be induced by tinkering with one protein in the brain which is responsible for building synapses, the brain structures that help neurons talk to each other.… » 2/21/08 10:20am 2/21/08 10:20am

Buy Yourself A Retconned Happy Childhood

People spend the GDP of Peru in therapy trying to cope with the crap that happened to them when they were kids. It's such a 20th century approach to childhood suckage. Maybe soon, we'll be able to pay to turn our childhoods happy retroactively. Click through for our roundup of ideas for making your childhood a happy… » 2/15/08 12:03pm 2/15/08 12:03pm