You Will Soon Be Watched Underwater by a Robotic Tuna

When you think of autonomous, unmanned spy vehicles, you probably imagine the telltale shape of a small aircraft overhead, and the suspicious sound of whirring propellers. Spy vehicles, however, aren't just for the sky anymore. The U.S. Navy has funded the development of an autonomous, unmanned vehicle shaped like a… »11/23/08 1:00pm11/23/08 1:00pm

Suburb-Eating Robots Run on Fat Reclaimed from Liposuction

It may look like a smiling mecha puppy of vast proportions, but this suburb-eating robot is a vicious destroyer of suburbs and suburbanites whose giant legs pulverize housing tracts in order to plant new forests. The creation of Australian firm Andrew Maynard Architects, the suburb-eating robots will be deployed to… »4/07/08 10:00am4/07/08 10:00am

Dogoid Robot with No Head Moves in an Eerily Lifelike Manner

It looks like something out of a James Thurber illustration, with its headless body and backward-dog legs, but the Big Dog is real and autonomous. This video, by the Big Dog development team at Boston Dynamics, shows just how lifelike the bot is. It can carry over 300 pounds, and its engines make an alien whining… »3/17/08 6:30pm3/17/08 6:30pm