New electronic skin gives robots the sense of touch

Robotics has made tremendous strides in replicating the senses of sight and sound, but smell and taste are still lagging behind, and touch was thought to be the most difficult of them all...until new pressure-sensitive electronic skin came along. » 9/12/10 12:00pm 9/12/10 12:00pm

Old microchip becomes super-strong, super-agile robotic centipede

What you see here is one of the 128 groups of "feet" that allow a centipede-like microrobot to move around. Made from an old microchip, this robot can carry a record-breaking seven times its own weight and has unprecedented mobility. » 7/06/10 1:31pm 7/06/10 1:31pm

A Robot Who Can Be Your Real-Life Avatar

One of the dreams of robotics has been to create a machine that can act as a remote version of its operator - like the movie Surrogates, only cool. Now a group of Korean engineers have brought us closer to this goal. » 12/04/09 9:00am 12/04/09 9:00am

Giant Robot Baby Will End In Tear-Filled Kaiju Battle

Japan has debuted a giant robot baby that can mimic infantile behavior without being told what to do, and the video will send chills up your spine. » 4/06/09 9:30am 4/06/09 9:30am

Honda Links Your Dirty Thoughts Directly To ASIMO Robot

Honda has found a way to connect your brain directly to its ASIMO bot, by directing the patterns of electric currents and cerebral blood flow. What's next: hands-free driving? » 3/31/09 12:00pm 3/31/09 12:00pm

No One's Kicking BigDog, Now That This Robot Has Horns

BigDog has been weaponized, with gigantic freaking bull horns. You remember that scary-as-hell walking military bot, whose owners videotaped themselves slo-mo kicking the crap out of him? Now BigDog will have revenge. » 3/19/09 6:30am 3/19/09 6:30am

Stinky Robot Can Sweat from 125 Nozzles

Just what we needed: A sweating robot. And did it need to have those creepy pipes instead of a face? Watch the vid for B.O. history in the making. Via Daily Mail, thanks Regis! » 1/27/09 1:00pm 1/27/09 1:00pm

That's An Interesting Definition Of BPM (Maybe NSFW)

Last week's robotic vagina may be the most pleasurable sex toy for men ever created, but we've found one that may be more educational and help modify your exercise routine. Yes, science does love you. » 1/22/09 6:30am 1/22/09 6:30am

At Last, Science Has Invented an Artificially Intelligent Robot Vagina

A programmable robotic vagina that looks sort of like a cake mixer promises to be the most exciting sex toy ever invented for men. Basically, it's the rabbit pearl vibrator of boy toys. » 1/12/09 12:15pm 1/12/09 12:15pm

You Will Soon Be Watched Underwater by a Robotic Tuna

When you think of autonomous, unmanned spy vehicles, you probably imagine the telltale shape of a small aircraft overhead, and the suspicious sound of whirring propellers. Spy vehicles, however, aren't just for the sky anymore. The U.S. Navy has funded the development of an autonomous, unmanned vehicle shaped like a… » 11/23/08 10:00am 11/23/08 10:00am

A Robot with Pigtails? What Next, Japan?

The creepiest — or most exciting — thing you will see on YouTube today is this new video of the Repliee R-1, an android that just went for its first spin at the 2008 CEATEC Exhibition in Japan. Based on an actual five-year-old girl, this robot can speak, wave, walk, pick things up, and even sense when other objects… » 10/12/08 10:30am 10/12/08 10:30am

How To Train Your Robot To Recognize You

When you come home from work at night, does your robot greet you at the door expectantly, or does it sit there impassively in its recharging node because it can't tell the difference between you, the mailman, and Emilio Estevez? Today's computer scientists are hard at work making sure tomorrow's robots won't leave… » 5/15/08 8:00am 5/15/08 8:00am

Suburb-Eating Robots Run on Fat Reclaimed from Liposuction

It may look like a smiling mecha puppy of vast proportions, but this suburb-eating robot is a vicious destroyer of suburbs and suburbanites whose giant legs pulverize housing tracts in order to plant new forests. The creation of Australian firm Andrew Maynard Architects, the suburb-eating robots will be deployed to… » 4/07/08 7:00am 4/07/08 7:00am

Dogoid Robot with No Head Moves in an Eerily Lifelike Manner

It looks like something out of a James Thurber illustration, with its headless body and backward-dog legs, but the Big Dog is real and autonomous. This video, by the Big Dog development team at Boston Dynamics, shows just how lifelike the bot is. It can carry over 300 pounds, and its engines make an alien whining… » 3/17/08 3:30pm 3/17/08 3:30pm