Announcing the Winners of the io9 Mad Science Contest

Politicians may be worried about the dangers of scientists "playing god" with genetic experimentation, but we want biology to be brazen. We're rooting for mad scientists with homebrew closet labs, grassroots geneticists, and garage genome hackers — because they're the researchers most likely to change the world. And… »9/15/08 11:00am9/15/08 11:00am


Deadline Approaches! Build a Lifeform and We'll Send You to Hong Kong or Give You $1000

io9 wants to encourage mad scientists in every field, but especially in the area of synthetic biology. That's because synthetic biologists are the people who are going to build new life forms, like ligers and unicorns and people with claws and glowing eyes. OK, they might build bacteria that can clean up oil spills… »8/21/08 1:00pm8/21/08 1:00pm

Reminder: Build A Lifeform and We'll Send You to Hong Kong or Give You $1000!

You still have 12 days to enter io9's mad science contest to build a lifeform. Synthetic biology is the science of the future! You can never have too many garage laboratories and mad scientists devoted to it. That's why io9 is sponsoring a contest to find two of the best synthetic life forms you can design for us.… »8/14/08 1:00pm8/14/08 1:00pm