How Breaking Bad explores the psyche of the mad scientist

Over the last four and a half seasons, we've watched Breaking Bad's Walter White transform from milquetoast chemistry teacher to drug kingpin armed with his ambition and an encyclopedic knowledge of chemistry. In that time, the show has succeeding in explaining what drives someone to so thoroughly use science for evil… »9/03/12 6:00pm9/03/12 6:00pm

Everything You Need to Know About the Madness of Nikola Tesla

When you hear the name Nikola Tesla, chances are you think of the Tesla coil or the 80s metal hair band. Tesla was the first real mad scientist of the twentieth century: Not only did he invent that coil and alternating-current electricity (which you're probably using right now to read this), but he also researched… »1/28/08 2:00pm1/28/08 2:00pm