​10 Scientists Who Played God (And Didn't Get Punished)

Fictional mad scientists usually meet a dreadful fate: destroyed by their own creation, or by villagers with torches. After all, we can't send the message that dabbling in the universe's secrets is okay. But sometimes, a scientist is just too clever, or lucky, to get burned. Here are 10 mad scientists who didn't get… »11/14/13 1:07pm11/14/13 1:07pm


Space Pirates And Sex Mechas: The Best Scifi Hentai Without Tentacles [NSFW]

This green-haired alien girl can rip your clothes off AND make you super-horny with just a strobe-flash of her eyes. Some people think science fiction hentai porn is all about tentacle monsters, but they're dead wrong. There are mad scientists who transform women into super-evolved sex-monsters, androids who need… »8/28/08 11:00am8/28/08 11:00am

Movie Has John Cleese And A Brain In A Jar — But Will It Have An Audience?

A new poster for Igor (at Cinematical) shows more of the animated movie's supporting cast, including Scamper, Igor's roadkill Franken-bunny, and Brain, a scatter-brained brain in a jar. I'm not sure who this hunchback-who-wants-to-be-a-mad-scientist movie is going to appeal to, but since it's coming out in September… »8/05/08 1:29pm8/05/08 1:29pm