These Sidewalk Games Only Appear When It Rains

NeverWet is a water-repellent spray that can basically keep anything dry. It's cool, if not the most practical thing in the world. But apply it to a sidewalk, let it rain, and magical things start to happen. » 3/25/15 12:12am 3/25/15 12:12am

On Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour, It's All About The Team

This weekend, 400 players will gather in Washington D.C. to compete in Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour for the $40,000 top prize. How do you get to the Pro Tour, and what is it like preparing for the most high-stakes Magic tournament of all? » 2/05/15 8:00am 2/05/15 8:00am

This Phenomenal Magic Trick Was Created By An Artificial Intelligence

Magicians are not supposed to reveal their secrets. But what if that magician is a machine? Recent experiments at Queen Mary University of London show that it's not only possible to teach a computer program how magic tricks work, but that these systems are capable of designing new and superior versions that can be… » 11/17/14 9:20am 11/17/14 9:20am

Bette Midler Confirms All Hocus Pocus Witches Are Ready For A Sequel

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are all down for a sequel film to Hocus Pocus. Hey, Disney — get a shovel because it's time to resurrect Thackery Binx in cat form! » 11/12/14 7:05am 11/12/14 7:05am

The CW Is Making A Young Shakespeare Vs. Witches TV Show

Get ready for a sexy, magical Shakespeare show. Because this is the world that we have made, and now we're being forced to live in it. » 10/28/14 8:40am 10/28/14 8:40am

Duels of the Planeswalkers Expansion Changes the Rules on Premium Cards

When Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 was released a few months ago, it introduced full deckbuilding and cards only attainable through an additional purchase. We didn't like it. An expansion for the game makes those premium cards available simply by winning matches. » 10/21/14 7:30am 10/21/14 7:30am

Just Because Magic Has Rules, Doesn't Mean It Should Be Predictable

A lot of fantasy writers and readers will tell you that magic needs to have a clear set of rules, so you don't just have a situation where magic can do whatever the author needs it to do. A system of magic. But go too far in that direction, and you end up with something too much like technology. » 10/20/14 6:00pm 10/20/14 6:00pm

Nothing On Earth Can Hold Adrien Brody In The Houdini Trailer

Adrien Brody transforms into the early 20th century escape artist Harry Houdini for the History Channel miniseries Houdini. Known for his ability to escape chains, locks, and upside-down boxes filled with water, Houdini was legend — let's just hope this miniseries lives up to the artist's reputation. » 8/12/14 7:42am 8/12/14 7:42am

Marty McFly Comes Back to The Future To Perform Magic Tricks

One of the benefits of being a time-traveler is that it would make a career as a magician pretty easy. For instance, watch Stuart Edge at Comic-Con — all he needs to do to wow a crowd is use his knowledge of future events to do card tricks, or bring back future tech like the Pepsi bottle that turns any liquid into… » 8/11/14 6:40am 8/11/14 6:40am

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015: Full Deck-Building, But At What Cost?

The latest installment of the video game version of Magic: the Gathering, Duels of the Planeswalkers, gives players the one thing we've always wanted – the ability to build our own decks from scratch. But the addition of "premium boosters" that cost extra money might completely outweigh it. » 7/25/14 12:40pm 7/25/14 12:40pm

Entire Planes Come to Life In The Newest Magic: The Gathering Artwork

A new Magic: The Gathering set, Magic 2015, was released this week, and the artwork is simply stunning. Check out this gallery of hi-res artwork from the new set—filled with Planeswalkers, weird creatures, and the souls of Magic's most popular planes brought to glorious illustrated life. » 7/22/14 3:00pm 7/22/14 3:00pm

Fan "Alterists" Turn Magic: The Gathering Cards Into Amazing Art

Magic: the Gathering cards feature stunning fantasy art, but for some fans that's not enough. Card alterists modify and personalize cards by painting directly on them, creating unique works of art and a brilliant way for fans to interact with their favorite game. » 7/03/14 1:16pm 7/03/14 1:16pm

Magic: the Gathering Summer Set Preview: Meet the Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer makes his debut in M15, this summer's Magic: the Gathering core set. This potentially powerful blue creature could have a huge impact, and perhaps stir some memories of Affinity decks among longtime players. » 6/27/14 4:28pm 6/27/14 4:28pm

​The 20 Most WTF Magical Items in Dungeons & Dragons

Every Dungeons & Dragons character seeks magical items for their abilities. But some wizards aren't interested in making powerful relics; they're interested in making nonsense, because they're crazy, or things that will screw your character over, because they're jerks. The result? These ridiculous artifacts from D&D's… » 6/26/14 10:00am 6/26/14 10:00am

Game of Thrones Scribe To Write Magic: The Gathering Movie

First they came for World of Warcraft, and now Hollywood wants our Magic cards. The next nerdy game movie is getting made, but at least it's by someone with fantasy cred. » 6/13/14 2:49pm 6/13/14 2:49pm

10 Real-Life Laws That Regulate The Supernatural World

When do you need to tell a prospective buyer your house is haunted? Where do you need a license to practice necromancy or to be reincarnated? And where can you file a lawsuit against a supernatural being? These real-life laws will tell you all that and more. » 6/11/14 10:23am 6/11/14 10:23am

Did Somebody Just Explain Magic in a Way That Actually Made Sense?

A lot of fantasy and horror tales contain magic, or at least supernatural creatures, and never explain how they got there. But once in a while, we get an explanation for how magic entered our rational world — and it just works. What's your favorite example of a story that actually explains magic well? » 6/09/14 3:01pm 6/09/14 3:01pm

The Rules of Magic for Marvel's Doctor Strange

Just how strange is Marvel willing to make its cinematic universe, and can audiences possibly handle it? Not as strange as you'd think - the rules of sorcery in the Marvel Universe are more straightforward than most might imagine. » 6/05/14 1:59am 6/05/14 1:59am

Salem Trailer Gives American Horror Story A Run For Its Money

Salem sees American Horror Story and raises it one blood-vomiting witch in a harness. This new supernatural historical drama looks really, really ridiculous. » 4/15/14 6:17pm 4/15/14 6:17pm