One of our favorite science artists sets fire to whiskey

Art-photographer Fabian Oefner uses scientific concepts to create positively captivating images. In this recently released TED talk, the Switzerland-based artists discusses his craft, along with his latest project, The Invisible Dimension. » 10/14/13 11:12am 10/14/13 11:12am

Watch two warriors battle it out with massive bolts of electricity

Holy crap this is excellent. Many of you are probably familiar with the intimidating crackle and flash of electricity-generating Tesla coils — but watch what happens when you combine them with wearable suits that behave like Faraday cages. It's like watching a shootout between Raiden and Emperor Palpatine. » 11/05/12 6:40am 11/05/12 6:40am

Let these mesmerizing magnetic fluids blow your mind

Feast your eyes and ears on Compressed 03, the latest in a series of audio/visual experiences expertly crafted by analog effects artist Kim Pimmel. You'll want to rock this clip with headphones if you've got them — and make sure it's full-screen, HD, the works. » 3/01/12 1:25pm 3/01/12 1:25pm

Scientists learn the secret of a famous anti-superconductor

Magnetite is, as its name implies, one of the most naturally magnetic materials on earth. Millennia ago, it was what first clued scientists in to magnetism. But magnetite is also something of a mystery. At low temperatures, the rock completely stops all electricity. At last scientists have figured it out why. » 12/23/11 7:20am 12/23/11 7:20am

A Map of the World's Magnetic Anomalies

This map shows areas on the globe where there are disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. Here, red indicates a stronger magnetic tug, and blue a weaker one (white lines are the edges of tectonic plates). As you can see, disturbances are fairly regularly distributed, but that doesn't stop UFO enthusiasts from… » 11/02/11 11:10am 11/02/11 11:10am

After decades of scientific research, we can now accurately measure a…

Measuring systems are almost always arbitrary - even the orderly metric system is chopped up into random little pieces we call grams, kilograms, and tons. With the increased need for precision, it's necessary that everyone use the same random unit of mass for a kilogram. After a Nobel winning discovery, and decades of… » 9/30/11 11:33am 9/30/11 11:33am

Watch veins of darkness creep through magnified bubbles

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field with magnets and ordinary bubbles? No? Well, thankfully San Francisco designer Kim Pimmel did, because what you wind up with is this mesmerizing, otherworldly display of colorful capillary… » 8/29/11 4:02pm 8/29/11 4:02pm

A Strange New Quantum State of Matter: Spin Liquids

Spin liquids are an exotic state of matter that can only exist in the world of quantum mechanics. They're a strange mess of spin states and superpositions that forces magnetism and anti-magnetism to simultaneously exist in millions of different configurations. » 8/15/11 4:00pm 8/15/11 4:00pm