And now for a sense of scale: a map of the U.S. overlaid on the Moon

The greatest distance between two points within the contiguous U.S. is 2,892 miles, stretching from Point Arena, CA to West Quoddy Head, ME*. The circumference of the Moon is 6,784. To help put the scale of each into perspective, redditor boredboarder8 decided to overlay one on top of the other, giving rise to the… » 2/14/13 8:40am 2/14/13 8:40am

Maine courthouse haunted by mysterious blur

Several weeks ago, a motion-sensitive security camera in the Lincoln County Courthouse in Wiscasset, Maine captured footage of a curious splotch traveling down an empty hallway. Nobody was in the courthouse at the time and this mobile blot was filmed in daylight. What will stop the reign of this trespassing smudge? » 11/01/11 10:10am 11/01/11 10:10am