This Secret Treasure Room May Be The Best Birthday Present Of All Time

When Sarah Goer and her husband discovered a disused storage space attached to their son's room, they decided to convert it into a Secret Treasure Room. For years, they concealed the room's entrance with a dresser, waiting for the perfect moment – their son's fourth birthday – to reveal its existence. Here, Sarah… »8/10/14 4:00pm8/10/14 4:00pm


Hero Dad Builds An Amazing Interactive Spaceship For His Son's Bedroom

MAKE Magazine's Jeff Highsmith wanted to build his 4-year-old son an interactive model of an Apollo spacecraft. The result was the surprisingly complex play area seen here – but to really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this project, you really must watch the making-of video. Seriously, this'll blow… »8/01/14 1:33pm8/01/14 1:33pm

Best mad scientist deal of the day: 40% off ebook versions of MAKE magazine

If you like to do things like build your own guitar, send your mobile phone into space, knit armor, and stick LEDs on every possible surface, then you need MAKE magazine in your life. It's full of cool articles and how-tos for people who want to work in a mad science lab - and the people who love mad scientists. Today… »1/14/11 5:30pm1/14/11 5:30pm