Fish that can survive out of water for 7 hours jumps down boy's throat, gets stuck there for 14

Here's a fish story that's almost as bad as tales of the legendary candirú. The climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) is a small fish that possesses an organ that allows it to breathe atmospheric oxygen for several hours at a time. Its musculature also allows the fish to move terrestrially. (Watch a tidbit of the above… » 5/24/12 8:10am 5/24/12 8:10am

Gecko Superhero Teams Up With James Bond To Tackle Our Biggest Nightmare

The new trailer for Malaysian superhero action-comedy Cicakman 2 » 10/20/08 2:42pm 10/20/08 2:42pm is online, and it's pretty great. The film-makers downplayed the film's comedy elements in favor of more action and better special effects this time around, and I'm cautiously excited. As we a while back, played at the Pusan International Film Festival…

Ramadan in Space With First Malaysian Astronaut

Yesterday in Malaysia crowds went wild as the first Malaysian astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, blasted into space on Russian rocket launched from Kazakhstan. Shukor is heading for a 10-day stint on the International Space Station, where he'll be the first person to observe the Islamic holy month Ramadan in space.… » 10/11/07 10:48am 10/11/07 10:48am