Malcolm McDowell straps on a steampunk eyepatch for Cowboys & Engines

Pegging Hollywood's steampunk attempts a miserable failure, the crew behind Cowboys & Engines are gearing up to deliver the steampunk action movie you've always wanted. They've already rounded up an Olympic-level genre cast (Battlestar: Galactica's Richard Hatch and Star Trek's Walter Koenig) and today we're happy to… »2/28/13 1:33pm2/28/13 1:33pm


io9 Talks to Malcolm McDowell at The Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival

The Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival "where Science meets Fiction" started this weekend in Los Angeles, and io9 was there. This is only the second year the festival has been in the United States (they've been running it for several years in France), but they've managed to draw a host of science fiction talent from… »12/10/07 1:00pm12/10/07 1:00pm