All humans have been female at least once in their lives

A handy explainer for the oft-cited (but rarely elucidated) factoid that every single person on Earth was once female — or, at a minimum, gender-neutral. » 1/11/13 2:40pm 1/11/13 2:40pm

Genetic study reveals that males drive language change

The spread of different languages in ancient times might seem like a difficult thing to track, but a big part of the story is actually hidden in our genes. Here's the twist: language change is a male-dominated phenomenon. » 9/11/11 10:10am 9/11/11 10:10am

Size really does matter for male fertility...just not the way you think

As far as male fertility is concerned, length really is important...except the length in question isn't the one you're thinking about. The crucial distance is actually the length between scrotum and anus. Yes, it's all about the taint. » 4/05/11 2:00pm 4/05/11 2:00pm

Red is irresistible to heterosexual females of all species

If you're a vertebrate female, chances are that you're attracted to the color red, and that includes humans. It's one of the oddest facts in all biology - no matter what the species, women seem to love red. » 3/16/11 10:35am 3/16/11 10:35am

Could You Live in a World Without Women?

With the Y: The Last Man » 10/07/08 12:00pm 10/07/08 12:00pm film coming in 2010, we’ll soon get a big-screen treatment of Brian K. Vaughan’s world without men. All-female societies are not uncommon in science fiction, from culturally advanced utopias to . Far less common are societies where men live, either by choice or circumstance, with few or no…