What NBC Shows Should Be Revamped By Battlestar, Bionic Producer?

With the news that Battlestar Galactica and Bionic Woman producer David Eick will be revamping yet another NBC/Universal property as part of his new deal with the peacock network comes the expected flurry of expectation. Just what old TV show will be the next to feel the grim and gritty grip of Eick's clammy… » 4/21/08 7:30am 4/21/08 7:30am

Hot Half-Naked Patrick Duffy Blows Up Undersea Base

The climax to the pilot of The Man From Atlantis is like a super-low-budget version of The Spy Who Loved Me. Patrick (Dallas) Duffy's hunky Atlantean bod distracts a hippie college professor supervillain, allowing Duffy to flood the hippie's undersea lab and stop an evil countdown with just 3 seconds left. The lack… » 1/23/08 6:20am 1/23/08 6:20am