Man harasses a baby manatee, puts pics on Facebook, gets arrested

A 21 year-old Florida man, Ryan William Waterman, is facing a misdemeanor charge that could see him pay a $500 fine and face six months in jail. He was arrested by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after being alerted to pictures on Facebook showing Waterman hugging a baby manatee. » 2/21/13 7:20am 2/21/13 7:20am

Stunning short film explores the underwater realm of manatees

In Sirenia Shadows, a short film by video production house Built By Wildman, a submarine cameraman captures the endangered West Indian manatee placidly gliding through Florida's Crystal River. It's a marvel seeing these sea cows serenely traverse the riverbed (without the risk of getting skimmed by some gaudy… » 1/24/12 8:35am 1/24/12 8:35am