This upsetting timelapse shows how we're making life hell for manatees

During the winter, Florida's manatees come to Crystal River Springs to keep warm, but that exposes them to curious tourists who just won't leave them alone. Watch this video to see just how bad they have it. » 10/03/13 6:20am 10/03/13 6:20am

Stunning short film explores the underwater realm of manatees

In Sirenia Shadows, a short film by video production house Built By Wildman, a submarine cameraman captures the endangered West Indian manatee placidly gliding through Florida's Crystal River. It's a marvel seeing these sea cows serenely traverse the riverbed (without the risk of getting skimmed by some gaudy cigarette … » 1/24/12 8:35am 1/24/12 8:35am