What Japanese Manga Artists Wish You'd Ask Them

If you’re a manga fan, chances are you’ve read or listened to more than one disappointing interview with a manga artist. These are the geniuses behind the artistic universes you dream about and the characters you clutch to your breast in body-pillow form... and when some American reporter asks, “What inspired you to… »8/10/15 7:30pm8/10/15 7:30pm

The Greatest Manga That Made Children "Scream and Weep"

Last week we posted this great article on how the specter of atomic war hangs over manga from Astro Boy to Akira. Now Jonathan Clements, author of The Anime Encyclopedia, has written an equally thoughtful piece focusing on Barefoot Gen, the granddaddy of them all (unless you happen to have read Osamu Tezuka’s even… »8/10/15 6:10pm8/10/15 6:10pm

Help Put the Amazing Hiroshima Manga Barefoot Gen Into Libraries

Publishing company Last Gasp has an excellent Kickstarter project running right now: it’s raising $36,000 to print 4,000 copies of Barefoot Gen (Hadashi no Gen in the original Japanese) into schools and libraries. Barefoot Gen is a manga first printed in the 1970s, and author Keiji Nakazawa drew on his own life to… »8/06/15 1:30am8/06/15 1:30am

Insufficient Direction: Or How to Stop Worrying and Love Otaku Culture

It's no secret that anime and manga are a big industry; while they may be something of a niche market in the United States, anime films regularly open at the top of the box office in Japan and manga publishers like Jump and Gangan are the country's equivalent of Marvel or DC. Even so, those who are obsessed with anime… »1/08/15 4:13pm1/08/15 4:13pm