Win A Free Pass To A Screening Of Harlock: Space Pirate!

Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a beloved manga and anime series about a space adventurer, from the creator of Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers). A couple years ago, they made a live-action* version, and now at last it's coming to the U.S. And we've got free passes to a few screenings later this week. » 3/24/15 11:00am 3/24/15 11:00am

Why It's Amazing News That Takashi Miike Is Adapting This Scifi Manga

Live-Action Naruto Play Saved The Best Cast Pictures For Last

No live-action stage spectacle covering the first story arc of the Naruto manga series would be complete without the brave boys and girls of Team Kurenai and Team Asuma. Now where's Akamaru? » 2/07/15 5:52pm 2/07/15 5:52pm

Shotaro Ishinomori's A Link To The Past Manga Is Getting A Reprint

Good news, Zelda fans - the original manga adaptation of A Link To The Past by the legendary Manga and Tokusatsu icon Shotaro Ishinomori is getting reprinted for the first time in 21 years. Prepare for some awfully nostalgic throwbacks to leafing through pages of Nintendo Power! » 1/27/15 10:32am 1/27/15 10:32am

Attack On Titan Theme Park Built Life-Sized Titans And They're HUNGRY 

Universal Studios in Japan has constructed an Attack on Titan experience that allows guests to enjoy the feeling of being trapped inside the massive jaws of a Titan. Amazing. » 1/22/15 12:35pm 1/22/15 12:35pm

Insufficient Direction: Or How to Stop Worrying and Love Otaku Culture

It's no secret that anime and manga are a big industry; while they may be something of a niche market in the United States, anime films regularly open at the top of the box office in Japan and manga publishers like Jump and Gangan are the country's equivalent of Marvel or DC. Even so, those who are obsessed with anime… » 1/08/15 4:13pm 1/08/15 4:13pm

Scarlett Johansson Will Star In Ghost In the Shell Live-Action Movie 

Anime fans, rejoice — Scarlett Johansson has officially signed on to star in the live-action movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Fan art creators, your time is now. » 1/05/15 9:45am 1/05/15 9:45am

New Attack on Titan Poster Reveals The Most Colossal Titan Yet

First Look At The Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie

If you haven't heard, massively popular manga and anime series Attack On Titan is getting a live-action movie. And this is the very first look at the adapted characters (including some new characters as well). » 11/19/14 5:25pm 11/19/14 5:25pm

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Join The Marvel/Attack On Titan Crossover

According to this new art — new color art! — of the upcoming Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover comic, it looks like Rocket Raccoon and his pals are joining the fun, as is the Colossal Titan, which... well, look at him next to the Statue of Liberty in panel 2. He's pretty goddamned Colossal. » 11/14/14 9:40am 11/14/14 9:40am

What Secrets are Big Hero 6 Keeping in Fred's Room?

Big Hero 6 hit theaters with a rocket-powered punch, thanks to superpowered nerds and a cuddly robot. People all over the net are going to try and take this apart piece-by-piece, and I can't speak for all of it, here're some pop culture (and especially Marvel Comics) nods you might not have caught. SPOILERS, naturally. » 11/10/14 10:32am 11/10/14 10:32am

Universal Studios Japan will host life-sized Attack on Titan statues

Attack on Titan's Titans are gigantic, hulking monstrosities with a penchant for gobbling up the remnants of Humanity - so what better thing to do than recreate life-sized versions of them for our viewing pleasure? Universal Studios Japan will be doing just that next year. » 11/06/14 1:00am 11/06/14 1:00am

Behold The Official Marvel Super Heroes/Attack On Titan Crossover

The crossover no one said could happen, because no one even considered it a possibility! Marvel's C.B. Cebulski just tweeted the above picture of Spider-Man fleeing Attack on Titan's terrifying, carnivorous giants — announcing that the American superheroes and the hit manga will share an official crossover. » 11/03/14 1:20pm 11/03/14 1:20pm

The Naruto Manga Is Ending Next Month. Believe It!

After 15 years, nearly 700 installments and over 200 million volumes sold, Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga will finally be coming to an end next month in the November 10th issue of the Japanese Shonen Jump anthology. » 10/06/14 12:40pm 10/06/14 12:40pm

Batman's Got a New Job as a Library Guide

This sign was put up in the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque Iowa. When they say "near Batman," that's not a reference to being near other Batman works. It's a reference to a giant looming Batman balloon they put up in the new home of its illustrated novels. » 10/02/14 9:00pm 10/02/14 9:00pm

Attack On Titan Is Back In Production For Season 2

Wonderful anime series Attack On Titan (based on the delightful manga book series of the same name) is coming back! Let's all celebrate by gorging ourselves on the local villagers! » 9/12/14 8:55am 9/12/14 8:55am

Parasyte Trailer Shows the Horror of Your Body Turning Against You

This is the trailer for the first part of the two-movie adaptation of the manga Parasyte. The manga had some intense body horror going on, which, if the trailer is any indication, the films will faithfully show. » 7/16/14 1:33am 7/16/14 1:33am

​Why There's No Goddamn Point In Ever Making An American Akira Movie

Greetings, letter-writers of the past! I'm doing pretty well, myself. I found this new village where they have some local lottery. I assume they don't give out cash, since society has fallen and all, but I entered it,hoping for some good prizes. We all drew slips this morning, and mine had a black dot... » 6/11/14 8:05am 6/11/14 8:05am