Concept Art Writing Prompt: Sitting at the Bar with a Giant Praying…

A woman and a giant praying mantis walk into a bar...and then what? A bug and a beauty patronize the same watering hole in this week's Concept Art Writing Prompt. Will you write about cross-species strangers sharing wisdom over a stiff drink? A first date the parents won't be thrilled about? A pre-Halloween tale of… » 10/27/12 12:00pm 10/27/12 12:00pm

10 Unsung Science Fiction TV Classics

Some of the greatest science fiction TV shows of all time have vanished, almost without a trace. They don't get listed in articles on the "Top 50 Science Fiction Shows Of All Time." Despite achieving true greatness, they don't even get as much praise or critical attention as Alf. » 1/10/12 10:45am 1/10/12 10:45am