This book is like reading Kafka on Ketamine

We're living in Kafka's world. Everybody from George Saunders to Terry Bisson has been mining a Kafkaesque seam of alarming strangeness. But what happens when you mix some especially odd story ideas with an almost supernatural sense of dissociation? You get something like The Miniature Wife by Manuel Gonzales, a book… » 1/29/13 3:40pm 1/29/13 3:40pm

Read an exclusive short story from one of the year's most acclaimed collections

Manuel Gonzales' bizarre, fantastical story collection The Miniature Wife is getting rave reviews from the likes of Charles Yu and Hannah Tinti. It was named one of last week's best books by Publisher's Weekly, which also gave it a starred review. And people are comparing Gonzales, executive director of the Austin Bat… » 1/15/13 2:20pm 1/15/13 2:20pm