Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is A Decent Movie Smothered By Layers Of Crap

Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels like four or five movies jammed together. The good news is, two of those movies are really, really good. The bad news is, the bloat and extra subplots get in the way of the storytelling, and feel like harbingers of overstuffed superhero movies to come. Minor spoilers ahead... »5/02/14 12:00pm5/02/14 12:00pm


Chris Cooper will be Norman Osborn in the increasingly crowded Amazing Spider-Man 2

Chris Cooper has signed on to play Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin, in Marc Webb's sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Cooper joins Dane DeHaan as Osborn's son Harry, Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as the Rhino (man, it's never not weird typing that), Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane… »2/27/13 3:14pm2/27/13 3:14pm

Paul Giamatti is in talks to play The Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Wait, what?

The We almost don't believe this news but it's to mind blowing not to at least discuss. Rumor has it that Paul Giamatti — yes, THAT Paul Giamatti — is in talks to play The Rhino in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man 2, according to THR. Now, just let the thought of an apoplectic Rhino screaming about fucking Merlot sink… »1/28/13 4:41pm1/28/13 4:41pm

Spider-Man producer heads to China to turn the Terracotta Warriors into a superhero franchise

Hollywood is hot for China. Both Looper and Iron Man 3 courted the Chinese audience by setting chunks of their movies in the far East. Now, Sony big wig and The Amazing Spider-Man producer, Avi Arad, is cashing in and starting up a whole new movie franchise based around Chinese lore. »12/13/12 12:20pm12/13/12 12:20pm

That creepy Chronicle kid is playing Harry Osborn in the Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

There's been plenty of speculation about who would step into the fancy shoes of comic book character Harry Osborn for The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel. And now, it's official: Dane DeHaan, that wonderfully disturbed kid from Chronicle, will be playing the young Osborn, as confirmed by director Marc Webb's Twitter… »12/03/12 5:57pm12/03/12 5:57pm

Deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man reveal the origin story you never saw

A fairly big chunk of material was cut from Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man that forever alters the origins story of Peter Parker's transformation to Spider-Man. Even though Webb has denied that he was going to tinker with original source material, this new scene between Peter, The Lizard and Oscorp henchman Mr.… »10/15/12 2:22pm10/15/12 2:22pm

All the Easter Eggs and Comics Shout-Outs to Watch for in The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is practically a motion comic — there are so many striking hero poses and shots of Spidey posing on the sides of buildings. It's like a great Spidey comic brought to life. But what else should we be looking out for in this superhero reboot? Director Marc Webb gives us the complete run-down of… »6/28/12 6:04pm6/28/12 6:04pm