The Worst Science Fiction Movie Ever Made, According to You

After weeks of hot debating, io9's readers have now officially picked the very worst science fiction movie of all time, in our March Madness bracket. And the winner is... Battlefield Earth. In celebration we will be speaking in John Travolta's insane Psychlo accent for the rest of the day. Congratulations, rat brains! » 4/03/12 3:28pm 4/03/12 3:28pm

Choose even more of the worst science fiction movies ever: The Happening

Crown the very worst scifi movie ever made! It's down to the sweet sixteen and it's going to get ugly. The Happening goes up against Eddie Murphy's Pluto Nash. What was the biggest upset from the last polling? Dreamcatcher losing to Catwoman! It's horrible movie madness! Madness we tell you! VOTE NOW! » 3/23/12 3:24pm 3/23/12 3:24pm

io9’s March Movie Madness: Pick the worst science fiction movie ever…

Is a race to the bottom! We're so much closer to crowning the world's work scifi flick of all time! This round The Phantom Menace faces that rotten 90s Godzilla picture. Plus Battlefield Earth goes up against the giant robot body full of tiny terrible people in Meet Dave. » 3/19/12 1:06pm 3/19/12 1:06pm

io9 March Movie Madness: Pick more of the worst science fiction movies…

Vote now on the rest of science fiction's worst movies for our March Movie Madness first round. Today's craptacular selection includes Attack of the Clones Star Trek: Nemesis, The Last Airbender, Green Lantern... and sentimental favorite Manos: The Hands of Fate! » 3/16/12 12:00pm 3/16/12 12:00pm

io9's March Movie Madness: Pick the worst science fiction movie ever…

The most important tournament of our time has returned: io9's March Movie Madness. Last year the bracket of doom bestowed the honor of greatest science fiction movie ever made on Serenity. Much to the surprise of many of us, Whedon's space adventure beat out Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the final round. But… » 3/14/12 12:00pm 3/14/12 12:00pm