In 1911, Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Trolls

On Friday, a digitized trove of Albert Einstein's writings and correspondence was made available online. While perusing the collection, astrobiologist David Grinspoon found a letter addressed from Einstein to famed physicist, chemist, and two-time Nobel-Laureate, Marie Curie. That letter's gist? Ignore the trolls. » 12/07/14 3:00pm 12/07/14 3:00pm

New "comedy" video shows Einstein sexually assaulting Marie Curie

Apparently It's Okay To Be Smart thinks it's okay to be sexist. The science-themed YouTube show is taking a ton of flak after releasing a video portraying Albert Einstein as a lecherous old man who can't keep his hands off Marie Curie during Thanksgiving dinner. » 11/20/13 6:30am 11/20/13 6:30am

The women who took radium from savior to killer

The famous radium girls took the reputation of radium from the savior of the sick to the killer of the poor. Working in a factory at a time when radium was considered the best way to improve health, by the time they died, they were exhaling radon gas and their hair glowed in the dark. » 7/05/13 9:00am 7/05/13 9:00am

What makes polonium the ideal poison for assassins?

As poisons go, polonium-210 is a bit of a mixed bag. Is it effective? Absolutely. If you eat a piece of polonium-210 the size of a grain of salt, it'll probably be enough to kill the average adult. That said, the highly unstable element is notorious for leaving an unmistakable calling card: ridiculously high levels of… » 7/06/12 11:40am 7/06/12 11:40am

The story of radioactive super-scientist Marie Curie, as told with…

Marie Curie was a wife, a mother, a scientist, and a self-sacrificing, public-spirited patriot. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the only person in history to be awarded Nobel Prizes in two scientific fields. It really goes without saying that the woman was a badass of the highest order, but… » 4/11/12 4:37pm 4/11/12 4:37pm

An insightful look at the life and work of Marie Curie

Many of you may have noticed that today's Google Doodle honors famed physicist and chemist Marie Curie, in celebration of her birthday. But this year also marks the centennial of her second Nobel Prize. (It bears mentioning that Curie was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she is also the only woman to win… » 11/07/11 1:00pm 11/07/11 1:00pm

25 Great Books By Legendary Scientists

From Darwin and Einstein to Hawking and Sagan, here are twenty-five amazing books written by world-famous scientists. These are legendary texts, popular science explainers, personal memoirs, and controversial new theories, and they're all enduring monuments to the power of science. » 4/20/11 9:20am 4/20/11 9:20am

Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace t-shirts: Put some lady science heroes on…

ThinkGeek has launched a Heroine line, featuring women who've helped change the world. And Marie Curie (who discovered radiation) and Ada Lovelace (who invented computer programming) fit the bill. Plus, a dollar of each sale goes to charity. [Wonderland] » 5/21/10 10:00am 5/21/10 10:00am