New Study Reveals Smoking Weed Is 114 Times Safer Than Drinking Booze

It's a long-held belief, not just among stoners, that marijuana is the safest drug. A new scientific study comparing the risks associated with various drugs backs this up, and proves that weed might even be safer than we thought. » 2/23/15 4:00pm 2/23/15 4:00pm

Canadian Feds Don't Like How Medical Marijuana Is Being Promoted

Health Canada has issued a stern warning to licensed commercial growers across Canada, telling them to revamp their advertising — or else, they might receive a suspension or revocation of their licenses. The problem? Apparently they're making marijuana look too good. » 11/27/14 2:30pm 11/27/14 2:30pm

What The Elections Tell Us About The Future Of Marijuana Legalization

While voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia passed measures in favor of legalizing pot, Florida rejected the use of medical marijuana. The various campaigns and their outcomes offer valuable insights into the politics of pot, now that 17.5 million Americans live in states that permit retail marijuana. » 11/06/14 8:40am 11/06/14 8:40am

The Legalization of Marijuana Could Reduce Alcoholism

Across the U.S., people are indulging in a drug that is imposing huge costs on themselves and society. It's called alcohol, and its excessive use has led to approximately 88,000 deaths per year. A growing body of research suggests marijuana could lower that number, since people who smoke pot tend to drink less. » 10/10/14 8:30am 10/10/14 8:30am

Citing a threat from rat poison used on illegal marijuana farms, federal biologists are proposing Endangered Species Act protection for West Coast populations of the fisher, a larger cousin of the weasel. Pot farms — both legal and illegal — are also endangering fish species by diverting streams for irrigation. » 10/07/14 6:20am 10/07/14 6:20am

States That Legalize Medical Marijuana See Fewer Painkiller Overdoses

As the number of patients who receive opioid prescriptions to treat non-cancer pain has increased in the past decade, so too have the number of overdoses. A new study, however, finds that states that legalized medical marijuana between 1999 and 2010 had 25% fewer annual overdose deaths than the rest of the U.S. » 8/28/14 9:00am 8/28/14 9:00am

Marijuana Legalization Could Keep Democrats In Control Of The Senate

The Republican Party has an excellent chance of winning the majority of Senate seats this November. Alaska could make the difference, since incumbent Democrat Mark Begich is particularly vulnerable. But a ballot initiative on legalizing pot could keep him in office, and maintain a Democratic majority. » 8/21/14 11:07am 8/21/14 11:07am

New Ad Campaign Targets Medical Marijuana As A Date Rape Drug

Florida voters will soon decide whether they want to legalize medical marijuana in their state. As November election day draws closer, polls indicate the ballot initiative, known as "Amendment 2," has strong popular support — and its opponents are descending ever further into reefer madness. » 8/18/14 6:45am 8/18/14 6:45am

Legal Marijuana Has Become A Food Safety Issue

The state of Colorado is experiencing a bad case of the munchies. Both supporters and opponents of legal marijuana are increasingly worried that consumers of cannabis-laced foods—such as brownies, candy and cookies — are binge eating their way toward overdoses. » 7/31/14 4:20pm 7/31/14 4:20pm

779 Marijuana Brand Names In One Infographic

So, what's your preference? Liquid Gold Vape Pen Super Silver Haze or Blue Diesel? As marijuana has gone legit, growers rely more than ever on catchy names as a branding tool. But with greater legalization comes greater responsibility. Some say the names can mislead consumers about their medicinal effects. » 7/14/14 10:20am 7/14/14 10:20am

If Medical Marijuana Is Legalized, You Can Thank The Tea Party

Politics makes strange bedfellows—except for the Tea Party, which doesn't sleep with anyone. The Conservative movement has defined itself by its "no compromise" approach toward politics. So, why did Tea Party members of Congress support Democrats on a key vote on medical marijuana? » 7/02/14 1:09pm 7/02/14 1:09pm

The FDA is considering changing marijuana's status, so that it would no longer be classified as a drug with the highest risk for dependency and no medical benefits whatsoever. Instead, restrictions would be loosened to allow further study of its medical uses. » 6/26/14 1:20pm 6/26/14 1:20pm

Violent crime is down in Denver since Colorado legalized marijuana. Data shows murders, assaults and burglaries declined during the first three months of the year, compared with the same period for 2013. Some opponents, however, say the criminal effect of decriminalizing marijuana won't be felt for several years » 6/10/14 3:40pm 6/10/14 3:40pm

Does Researching Casual Marijuana Use Cause Brain Abnormalities?

Last week, a study was published that claimed to establish a link between casual marijuana use and abnormalities in the brains of recreational users. Intrigued by a claim made by one of the paper's authors in the wave of ensuing press coverage, UC Berkeley computational biologist Lior Pachter decided to take a closer… » 4/22/14 8:20am 4/22/14 8:20am

Sanjay Gupta "Doubles Down" on Weed

Last August, CNN's Sanjay Gupta publicly apologized for dismissing outright the medical potential of marijuana, and for "[his] own role in previously misleading people." Now, after months of continued investigation, Gupta says he's "doubling down" on medical marijuana. » 3/06/14 7:45am 3/06/14 7:45am

What can we actually learn from the UK's first marijuana 'overdose'?

Gemma Moss recently became the first woman in Britain "ruled to have been poisoned to death by smoking cannabis," her sudden death referred to by tabloids as "the tragic proof that cannabis can kill." But Moss's story, while undeniably sad, has told us next to nothing about the dangers of pot. At the same time, its… » 2/01/14 10:00am 2/01/14 10:00am

Debunking this week's hottest pot myths point-by-point

Earlier this week, heavyweight columnists David Brooks and Ruth Marcus weighed in on the debate over the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Armed with reason and findings from several studies, Time's Maia Szalavitz has served up a refreshing piece of debunkery that tackles their misinformed contentions… » 1/05/14 3:00pm 1/05/14 3:00pm

You Can Smoke Pot In GTA V, According to Ratings Board

We had a hunch it was going to be possible, and, now, the people who rate video games are letting the cat out of the dimebag. You can smoke pot in GTA V, according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. That same group has offered a bunch of other mild spoilers for GTA V, if you're interested. » 8/20/13 4:30pm 8/20/13 4:30pm

Sorry, but these pot heads did not send marijuana into space

Late last week, a group of marijuana enthusiasts claimed that they had used a balloon to send a capsule of pot seeds, a plant, and a joint into space. Yeah, dream on, guys — and lay off the Pineapple kush. » 6/07/13 6:30am 6/07/13 6:30am