Parody Of Little Mermaid's "Under The Sea" Celebrates Deep Sea Horrors

Things may be better down where it's wetter, but when you plunge in the ocean depths, the marine life can get downright terrifying. In this video, The Little Mermaid's Sebastian the crab sings all about the often hideous and gargantuan creatures "Under the Deep Sea." » 9/19/14 1:20pm 9/19/14 1:20pm

Striking Photographs Of Sea Slugs Expose The Alien World Under the Sea

While we may call them sea slugs, these diverse and colorful gastropods look like they've come from another planet, a place of brilliant oranges, greens, and blues, where even camouflage is beautiful. » 6/19/14 4:00pm 6/19/14 4:00pm

A manatee munitions factory takes flight

In Roland Tamayo's paintings, sea creatures find themselves punked out with modern-day technologies, transforming them into the vehicles and weapons of the future. Take a leisurely cruise aboard a humpback sailboat, or face nature's deadliest weapon: the shark jet. » 10/02/10 9:00am 10/02/10 9:00am