Remember that scary undersea "bloop" noise? At last we know what caused…

Back in the late 1990s, NOAA's Acoustic Monitoring Project recorded a series of haunting, creepy noises from deep beneath the ocean's surface (you can hear it in the audio above). When this recording began to circulate in the media, people went crazy speculating about the sea monsters, secret government experiments,… » 11/21/12 6:37pm 11/21/12 6:37pm

The world's oceans need their own NASA-style agency

The oceans of Earth remain largely unexplored, but not for lack of technological innovation — and certainly not for lack of interest. Biologists, geologists, physicists, chemists, meteorologists — nearly every conceivable scientific field benefits from ocean research. But marine science, and deep sea science… » 10/17/12 6:35am 10/17/12 6:35am