Marjorie Liu tells us what's next for the Astonishing X-Men (and how…

In the X-Men comics as of late, Wolverine has relocated his own team of mutant students to train on the East Coast. That isn't to say that no X-Adults followed their fearless, cantankerous leader. » 12/12/11 2:25pm 12/12/11 2:25pm

Wolverine's smelly son brings some emo to the X-Men universe

Recently, Marvel introduced a new little cub to the Wolverine family. Daken is a sexually predatory assassin with super-pheromone powers and massive daddy issues. And he's written by Marjorie Liu, a famous paranormal romance author. It's the perfect fit. » 6/03/11 3:03pm 6/03/11 3:03pm