Brave director Mark Andrews explains why Merida isn't your typical Disney princess

In less than two weeks, Pixar will introduce the world to its own version of the fantasy princess: the strong-willed redheaded archer Merida. But what makes Merida different from the Disney princesses that so many young girls regard as archetypes of femininity? Brave director Mark Andrews explains how his flawed… »6/13/12 12:00pm6/13/12 12:00pm


A Warrior Princess and her Mom at Loggerheads, in an Adorable New Brave Clip

While we're still not completely certain what happens to Pixar's new princess Merida in their latest animated feature, Brave, we do know that her strained relationship with her mother is the meat of the drama. Which is demonstrated in this clip quite well. Take a look at what's really happening inside the giant… »5/30/12 1:30pm5/30/12 1:30pm

New Brave trailer and footage shows off Pixar's rebellious princess

The latest trailer (and clip) for Pixar's Gaelic fantasy Brave fleshes out the larger backstory behind this adorable ginger family of Scottish royals. This is the first time we get a good look at Merida and her family's world, and it's not the fancy Cinderella palaces audiences may be used to. Behold the beauty of… »4/24/12 9:25am4/24/12 9:25am

John Carter, As Imagined by 12-Year-Old Andrew Stanton and teenage Michael Chabon

Before he was winning Oscars for Wall-E and Finding Nemo, John Carter director Andrew Stanton was a teen scribbling Tharks in his personal notepads. In fact, a penchant for fan art is something that all three of the head honchoes working on John Carter share. Take a look at the childhood Barsoomian doodles from… »3/06/12 12:20pm3/06/12 12:20pm

Michael Chabon's 17-Year Quest to Write a Mars Adventure Movie

John Carter wasn't Michael Chabon's first attempt at writing about nineteenth century heroes having swashbuckling adventures on Mars. Long before he joined up with Andrew Stanton to adapt Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic novels to the screen, Chabon wrote another Martian epic. Discover the saga of The Martian Agent, and… »2/29/12 5:54pm2/29/12 5:54pm