Mark Duplass Is The World's Most Alarmingly Manic Host In Creep Trailer

Mark Duplass and first-time director Patrick Brice co-wrote and co-star in Creep, a psychological thriller about a videographer who’s hired to document a dying man’s life for his yet-to-be-born child. Or so he thinks, until the man’s behavior starts to get ever-more erratic and terrifying. »6/05/15 4:30pm6/05/15 4:30pm


The time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed worked better as an internet meme

During Hollywood's golden era, it was common for a picture (they called 'em pictures back then) to be based on a popular stage play. It still happens, but rarely. The biggest and most visible movies are based on comic books these days (they called 'em graphic novels back then, they'll say of us) but maybe we're about… »1/27/12 12:05pm1/27/12 12:05pm