Doctor Who's Ongoing Deconstruction of Heroism Takes A Hilarious Turn

The theme thus far in Doctor Who's eighth season seems to be "deconstructing heroes," most notably the Doctor. The Doctor's questioning whether he's a good man, but also the validity of his battle against evil. It's somewhat grim stuff — until this week's Robin Hood episode, when it turns swashbuckling and hilarious. »9/06/14 10:00pm9/06/14 10:00pm


Walder Frey's Next Game of Thrones Adventure: a Dating Show?

We were talking to David Bradley about his role as William Hartnell in the docudrama Doctor Who: An Adventure in Time and Space, and we couldn't resist asking him about Walder Frey, the character he plays on Game of Thrones. Will we see Walder going on dates, now that his wife is dead? Here's what he told us. »7/21/13 2:25pm7/21/13 2:25pm

Now THIS is how you reinvent a classic Doctor Who monster!

Doctor Who has a mixed track record when it comes to bringing back monsters from the 1960s and 1970s — sometimes the show misses the point of what made a monster great back in the day. But with tonight's return of the Ice Warriors, the show more or less got it right. This is how it's done, people. Spoilers ahead... »4/14/13 12:00am4/14/13 12:00am

It's official: The origins of Doctor Who are becoming a TV movie

There have been rumors for a while that the BBC was going to make a biopic about the creation of Doctor Who for the show's 50th anniversary. There's plenty of scope for a drama there — as the show's first ever director Waris Hussein told io9, the show's first creators were considered outcasts and upstarts at the… »8/09/12 2:24pm8/09/12 2:24pm

Is Mark Gatiss writing a biopic about the creation of Doctor Who in 1963?

A dramatization of Doctor Who's origins seems like the sort of thing that would be perfect for the show's 50th anniversary next year. Mark Gatiss, interviewed on Graham Norton's radio show, seemed to be denying that any such thing was in the works — but his denials are still being taken as hints that he might actually… »2/13/12 6:20pm2/13/12 6:20pm

Doctor Who explains why your kids need a good scare

For a good chunk of tonight's Doctor Who episode, I was wondering if it was a bit of a retort to the people who claim the BBC's time-traveling horror-comedy is too scary for little kids. After all, the episode seemed to be saying, over-protecting children from what scares them can perversely have the opposite effect,… »9/04/11 12:00am9/04/11 12:00am