Luke Skywalker Has a Perfectly Good Explanation for His "Flub" in A New Hope

It’s a factoid years old that when Luke emerges from his X-Wing after the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope, the over-excited Mark Hamill accidentally cries “Carrie!” rather than “Leia!” when Carrie Fisher’s Princess comes running into his arms. But did he really? Not according to Luke Skywalker himself. »10/13/15 10:00am10/13/15 10:00am

George Lucas says Luke, Han and Leia will all be back for Star Wars: Episode VII

Remember how Carrie Fisher announced she was going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII? And then someone, presumably at Disney, made her deny her announcement? Well, I think Goegre Lucas just denied her denial, because he says Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are all in for Episode VII, and it's pretty much a… »3/07/13 1:30pm3/07/13 1:30pm

What Mark Hamill revealed about Star Wars: Episode VII in 1983

While we anxiously await more information about the Star Wars: Episode VII of tomorrow, here's a little nugget about the Episode VII of yesteryear. While being interviewed by Maria Shriver in 1983, Mark Hamill teased a 2004 Star Wars sequel, in which he'd either play an alternate universe version of Luke Skywalker or… »11/03/12 1:30pm11/03/12 1:30pm

Rare Empire Strikes Back interviews reveal very different plans for the Star Wars prequels

The cast of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back did a series of interviews promoting the film, and the video is pretty revealing. The best part: Mark Hamill discusses speculation that his son Nathan could play a young Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. According to Hamill, the prequels would take place 20… »12/01/11 9:30am12/01/11 9:30am