Star Wars Audition Tapes Feature A Very Different Original Trilogy Cast

It’s almost impossible to imagine the original Star Wars with anyone but Harrison Ford as Han Solo, or Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. But long, long ago, these roles were up for grabs — and Kurt Russell could have shot first. Check out the revealing audition tapes for the Original Trilogy! » 5/05/15 4:00pm 5/05/15 4:00pm

George Lucas says Luke, Han and Leia will all be back for Star Wars: Episode VII

Remember how Carrie Fisher announced she was going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII? And then someone, presumably at Disney, made her deny her announcement? Well, I think Goegre Lucas just denied her denial, because he says Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are all in for Episode VII, and it's pretty much a… » 3/07/13 10:30am 3/07/13 10:30am

What Mark Hamill revealed about Star Wars: Episode VII in 1983

While we anxiously await more information about the Star Wars: Episode VII of tomorrow, here's a little nugget about the Episode VII of yesteryear. While being interviewed by Maria Shriver in 1983, Mark Hamill teased a 2004 Star Wars sequel, in which he'd either play an alternate universe version of Luke Skywalker or… » 11/03/12 10:30am 11/03/12 10:30am

Rare Empire Strikes Back interviews reveal very different plans for the Star Wars prequels

The cast of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back did a series of interviews promoting the film, and the video is pretty revealing. The best part: Mark Hamill discusses speculation that his son Nathan could play a young Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. According to Hamill, the prequels would take place 20… » 12/01/11 6:30am 12/01/11 6:30am