Who's Ready for Mark Wahlberg as The Six Million Dollar Man?

The latest rumor is that the perennially stalled Six Million Dollar Man film has found its star in Mark Wahlberg. It's an unsourced, unconfirmed rumor, so it may mean nothing. Alternately, prepare for an onslaught of jokes about Wahlberg's clueless Transformer character reacting to the abilities of Steve Austin. » 7/06/14 9:00pm 7/06/14 9:00pm

4 clips from Ted shows what happens when your Teddy Bear grows up and into a perv

We're hesitant about Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg's strange comedy Ted, mostly because the bear (voiced by MacFarlane) is basically his Family Guy character Peter Griffin with fur. Then again, some of the jokes are pretty funny. Watch these four clips, and let us know what you think: adorable magical story… » 6/18/12 10:40am 6/18/12 10:40am

High-res Ted photos show you how to party like a teddy bear

Looks as though the magically animated teddy bear gets his party on, big time, in Seth MacFarlane's Ted, judging from a dozen high-res photos that just came out. There is something about the sight of a teddy bear in a suit, or a teddy bear on a couch with four hot babes, that leaves you thinking this could have some… » 6/15/12 5:30pm 6/15/12 5:30pm

In the first trailer for Ted, Seth MacFarlane is a bong-ripping teddy bear

The first trailer for director Seth MacFarlane's live-action film debut has hit the web. In this ribald buddy comedy, Mark Wahlberg wishes his favorite childhood toy (voiced by MacFarlane) to life, and they proceed to swear a lot in Boston accents. Ted hits theaters July 13. Hat tip to Ash (Not From Pallet Town)! » 4/02/12 5:15am 4/02/12 5:15am

10 Greatest Rappers Who Starred in Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

In space, nobody can hear you freestyle. But that hasn't stopped some of hip-hop's greatest legends from appearing in some classic science fiction and fantasy movies. From battling killer sharks to fighting off ghosts on Mars, some of our favorite rappers have also become some of our favorite SF heroes. » 2/17/11 10:35am 2/17/11 10:35am

Marky Mark Wants You To Know What's Happening With Bees

In this new trailer from M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, Marky Mark wants bored schoolkids to think about why all the Earth's honeybees are vanishing. The trouble is, unless you've got a video of giant robots decimating swarms of bees with lasers, the schoolkids just won't care. But once everyone starts dropping… » 2/18/08 3:30pm 2/18/08 3:30pm

The Latest "Get The Hell Out Of Town Due To A Virus" Movie

When people start shoving huge ponytail holder needles into their own necks, and dive-bombing themselves off skyscrapers, then it's probably safe to assume that something is "Happening." In this new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's newest film The Happening, that's just what happens. People start committing mass… » 2/04/08 3:30pm 2/04/08 3:30pm