Here's a Stunning Look at Volume 2 of Mark Z. Danielewski's The Familiar!

Mark Danielewski blew everybody’s minds with House of Leaves. And now he’s trying to do something really ambitious and strange with his new project, The Familiar. It’s partly a serialized narrative in the style of a TV show, partly an art book, and partly a science fiction mystery. Check out a sneak peek at part two! »9/24/15 2:45pm9/24/15 2:45pm


What are the craziest, most experimental science fiction novels out there?

Over at Jeff VanderMeer's Ecstatic Days blog, VanderMeer asked his readers to name the "craziest or most experimental" science fiction novels of all time — and the answers are pretty diverse and fascinating. If you've been feeling the need for more novels along the lines of Dhalgren or House of Leaves, you could do… »5/04/11 9:20am5/04/11 9:20am