NASA and Matt Damon Told Us Why The Martian Is "a Love Letter to Science"

Right now, here’s how close we are to the events of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian actually happening: Not very. NASA believes we’re probably about 20 years away from putting an astronaut on Mars, but as the movie about a astronaut being stranded on Mars hits theaters, 20 years feels longer than it sounds. » 8/20/15 1:00pm 8/20/15 1:00pm

Explore the Surface of Mars With NASA's Latest Web Tools

Most of us will never set foot on Mars, but thanks to NASA’s unceasing public outreach campaign, now we can all imagine what that might be like. To commemorate the three year anniversary of the Curiosity rover’s Martian landing, NASA has unveiled two new web tools that allow you to explore the Red Planet’s surface and… » 8/08/15 11:00am 8/08/15 11:00am

The Martian Astronauts Decompress After 10 Days in Pre-Trip Isolation

This fall, America is going to send a manned mission to Mars, and it’s not going to go well. But before all that, any astronauts slated to take this trip would obviously undergo lots of tests—one of which might be an extended period in isolation. And that’s the subject of the latest viral video for The Martian. » 8/04/15 9:40am 8/04/15 9:40am

How the Soviet Union Almost Won the Race to Be First to Photograph Mars

In 1969, the U.S. finally won the race with the Soviets to be first to put people on the moon. But the memory of that space race has overshadowed one that came before: the race to be the first to photograph Mars from space. It was the subject of an intense rivalry—and one that the Soviets narrowly missed winning. » 7/16/15 3:20pm 7/16/15 3:20pm