The Remains Of Britain's Missing Lander May Have Been Spotted On Mars

Rumors are swirling that the British Beagle 2 lander — missing since Christmas Day in 2003 — has been spotted on the surface of the Red Planet by NASA's Reconnaissance Orbiter. » 1/13/15 9:00am 1/13/15 9:00am

NASA Wants Mars Curiosity Rover to "Drive Less And Do More Science"

NASA plans to extend seven of its ongoing planetary missions, a review panel announced yesterday. Two of the missions, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars rover Opportunity, were at risk of being shut down, but it was Mars rover Curiosity that drew the least-favorable reviews, and the harshest criticisms. » 9/04/14 9:20am 9/04/14 9:20am

Earth As Seen From the Orbit Of Mars

We've seen our planet from the perspective of Mars before, but this one's a bit different. It's an image of our pale blue dot as seen by the Mars Express Orbiter. It may not look like much, but getting this shot was no easy task. » 7/28/14 1:40pm 7/28/14 1:40pm

Mars Express to Make Daredevil Flyby of Phobos

In a daredevil flyby, the European Mars Express satellite will buzz Phobos, the red planet's largest of two moons. The orbiter will come within 45 kilometers (28 miles) of its surface. But there's a catch — this isn't a photo opportunity. » 12/27/13 4:00pm 12/27/13 4:00pm

Take a trip over the surface of Mars in this breathtaking new video

Since 2004, Europe's Mars Express has orbited the Red Planet nearly 12,500 times, taking countless hi-res photos along the way. The data from these images have now been stitched together to create a stunning topographic model of the Martian surface. » 10/29/13 6:20am 10/29/13 6:20am

One of the Most Stunning Mars Videos You've Ever Seen

Have you ever dreamed about flying high above an alien planet? European Space Agency has just presented this hypnotic video, which gives us a look from the viewpoint of the ESA's imaging and mapping satellite, the Mars Express, when it flies above our planetary neighbour's largest canyon, the largest in the entire… » 7/18/13 7:12pm 7/18/13 7:12pm

Soar through the largest canyon in the solar system

At 10 km deep and over 4000 km long, Valles Marineris is not only the largest canyon on Mars, its the biggest in our entire solar neighborhood. Here, thanks to data collected by ESA's Mars Express, is your chance to get an up-close view of this craggy Martian scar. » 7/15/13 4:00pm 7/15/13 4:00pm

This is how an astronaut will view Mars from orbit

Using 600 photographs collected by its Mars Express orbiter, the European Space Agency has given us a brief but captivating glimpse of what it will look like for a human to orbit Mars. If we ever get there, that is. » 7/01/13 8:30am 7/01/13 8:30am

Now You Can Ogle Mars via Webcam

Want to see what Mars looked like a few days ago, so you can pretend you're flying in orbit around the red planet almost in realtime? You could be doing that right now, thanks to the European Space Agency's Mars webcam. Mounted on the Mars Express Probe is a visual light camera that basically takes pictures of the… » 8/22/08 1:00pm 8/22/08 1:00pm

Hardcore Martian Moon Pix — In 3D!

The European Space Agency's Mars Express Orbiter passed within a few kilometers of Phobos last week. While it was there, it took some stunning high resolution photos of the irregular Martian moon. We're talking almost "Phobos Street View" resolution here. Mars Express also took some shots with its stereo cameras. So… » 8/05/08 8:00am 8/05/08 8:00am

The Frozen Waterfalls of Mars

This deep gorge known as the Echus Chasma was ripped into the Martian soil by gushing water, and scientists speculate that it may once have boasted giant, 4000-meter-high waterfalls. This image, by the European Space Agency's Mars Express satellite, was released this week along with a few others. We've got an even… » 7/16/08 11:25am 7/16/08 11:25am

Mars Busts Out In 3-D

Here's an orthoimage of the famous Olympus Mons on Mars, with the different colors representing different elevations. It's just a taste of the 3-D goodness to come. The European Space Agency is getting ready to release a new high-resolution Digital Terrain Model dataset that will let researchers build their own 3-D… » 2/06/08 6:30am 2/06/08 6:30am